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Sunday, 4 November 2012

Said it again, kiss of death!!

Last week I said I hoped for a pound a week until my holiday and it was a complete kiss of death, again! Disappointed with myself, I ate rubbish at the event again and continued that into Saturday!! 135 PP over...

Starting again this week & I am changing tactics for the event this week as well! I'm away for 3 nights, but 2 are in an apartment. I'm not going to eat breakfast at the hotel on Tuesday, I'm taking a porridge pot and I'll take my own lunch to the event! In the evening on Monday I'll get something salad like for dinner to eat at the hotel. Then I have facilities to cook for myself for the next two nights. I'll be in the penthouse that I've been in before, so I'll pack a DVD to do some exercise! There's a DVD player there!!

Off to cook my breakfast now... :0) Low fat and filling!

Weeza xx

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