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Monday, 19 November 2012

Monday Night Update - Week 2 - Redeeming Feels Gooood!!!

Much, much better! In fact, so much better that I've used the day's 26PP & I can't eat anymore!!!

I went into the day with the day planned out. I took porridge for breakfast and Tuscan Minestrone WW soup for my lunch, and a caramel bar in my bag for the journey. My milk allowance was ready as well. I stopped at M&S in Didcot before going into work, to buy cakes for my birthday and I got some fruit as well., so I could snack on it. Apart from a small fork full of lemon drizzle cake (which I tracked), I resisted all temptation in the office and I'm really proud of myself!

I got home expecting left over pie from last night and David had eaten it all! Secretly I was a little pleased as the pastry accounted for quite a lot of PPs! So I had a WW Mexican Chili with potato wedges ready meal and the broccoli and squash left overs, just 6 PP! I even poured a glass of wine tonight and chucked it because I really didn't want it!

Anyway, happily going to sleep with the next 3 days all planned out! Night!

Weeza x

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