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Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Have you missed me???

Hi all, apologies again (I'm always apologising), for my prolonged absence!! It's been a mental 8 months since I last posted, mostly down to the fact that I stopped trying to diet (another fail) and had a crap time with the job that I went to and I'm now at a much better company, Kaspersky Lab, and loving it!!

I've restarted the weight loss campaign and am now following the Cambridge Weight Loss System. I started yesterday on step one, which is Sole Source. I have 4 products a day, which are either shakes, soups or porridge. I had an Apple & Cinnamon porridge yesterday morning which is better than most of the other types of porridge that I've tried! There was a tomato soup for lunch that I was really surprised with as well! I had a vanilla shake at 4pm and then for dinner I had another soup, chicken and mushroom. I added more water to the soup this time, which meant that I had a whole bowl rather than a mug. In addition, I drank 3 1/2 litres of water. Each meal product is 138kcals, so I consumed 552kcals.

I was hungry when I went to bed, but my body should go into ketosis by day 4 (Friday), which is where the body has used all the glyogen produced from the foods that I'd consumed in the past few days. The body realises that it needs extra evergy for its regular activities and will naturally look to the reserves it built up during the 'times of plenty'. First in converts the store glycogen back into energy. At the same time, this releases the water being stored with (which means more peeing). Then the body turns its attention to the fat stores and starts converting that back into energy by creating micro-chemicals called 'ketones'. The only downside to this, is if the body creates more ketones that it needs, it expells them through wee or breath, which can cause bad breath. Ketosis though, does mean that I'll feel less hungry cos the body doesn't need to remond you so often when to eat, it protects against the loss of lean tissue (muscle) and induces a feeling of well-being. The well-being feeling I'm really looking forward to!

Today I had a butterscotch shake in the car as with the new job, I have a customer in Chesterfield that I go to once a week, so I drank it in the car on the way up at 7:30 this morning. I had a couple of soups and a vanilla shake with me for the day, but I left lunch too late and got light-headed and snappy, really snappy! Poor guys in the office caught my wrath a bit! The chicken and mushroom soup was great! I then had the shake at 4pm and when I got to the B&B I stay at, I had a coffee (black no sugar - black coffee and tea are allowed) and then at 7:30 this evening I had my mushroom soup. I found out that you can't put hot water in the shake shaker and add the soup powder, as it sort of explodes!!!! :) So I'm done food wise for today, I don't feel hungry right now, but may well do later!

The other thing that's a struggle for me at the moment, is not drinking alcohol! I've not really had an alcoholic drink since Saturday night, where I completely overdid it!!

I can't exercise yet, as I'm on a VLCD (very low calorie diet) and not taking in enough calories to burn during exercise. Hopefully when I get the energy from ketosis I'll feel like walking more with David and the Munkee...

Anyway, enough for now, I'll be back to report later in the week :)

Love you all
Weeza xxx