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Friday, 16 November 2012

Friday Night Update

No, I didn't forget about last night, I forgot to take my iPhone with me!! I was at the CRN Awards last night, and that involved champagne and wine!! I wasn't too bad though, all being said!

I hardly ate anything yesterday morning, just a light sausage, as I was going to Gaucho for lunch! I had the taster plate, 3 different cuts of the most delicious Argentinian steak imaginable!! No sides, but a good base for the alcohol to come later....

I had a vodka red bull whilst getting ready and a glass of spritzer at the bar before we all left. At the do, a couple of glasses of champagne followed by wine with dinner. I mixed the wine with fizzy water, but still had a few! Dinner was chicken breast, really nice and skinless too! I got to bed just after midnight!

This morning I woke up having a panic attack and couldn't breathe! I think possibly because there wasn't a window in the room that you could see out of, it was really high up. We all stayed at the Royal Horseguards Hotel, rack rates starting at £564 a night for a single room! I had breakfast and it wasn't great for a posh London hotel... I was feeling sick by the time I left at just gone 8, but I walked to Waterloo anyway. By the time I got home, I felt shocking and then launched breakfast down the loo!! All I ate all day was two slices of plain toast, when I managed to keep water down!! I had turkey for dinner, just a very plain casserole.

So, what's the numbers looking like?? I'm 58 over, not as bad as it could be, given the event on Tuesday and last night! It's my birthday tomorrow, so we going to Bluebeckers in Chobham for dinner! I'll go over more tomorrow, no doubt!!

Right, I'm nodding off whilst typing this, so I'll sign out and see you tomorrow!!

Weeza xxx

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