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Sunday, 11 November 2012

As predicted!

Another pound on! That's 2.4lbs on in two weeks.. :( I only have myself to blame though! If the week starts bad, it goes to pot for the rest of the week! So I've got to get back to tracking the day before and sticking to it! I'm also going to scrap any alcohol until Thursday, when I'm at the CRN awards! Plus I'm going to take it easy and drink mostly water! I'm going to try to not drink on Friday night either, at the work night out!

I've been reading up this morning on exercising and disc degeneration, as I was sure exercise is something that sets off a spasm! However, I was wrong! So, I'm going down to the school I was at in my teens, as they have a great gym there now and it's pay as you go, rather than a membership which should work for me! Also it's 5 minutes down the road, rather than a 15 minute trek like the last one!

I keep writing my intentions and it seems that when I do, I then don't do it..? Maybe it's a psychological thing, I've written it, so I've done it/don't need to do it/care? I need to hold myself accountable, if I say it, I have to do it? It's a mindset thing, I know, so I need to change my mindset now!

So, tracker back at zero, full 49 PP allowance, and tracking a day ahead so I don't fall off! One night away this week, tomorrow night, which I can plan for now (M&S salad meal) and I can buy my lunch to take to the event, so I don't eat event food! I'm also going to try to remember to blog every day this week, to hold myself accountable!

See you later to blog the day!!

Weeza xxx

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