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Saturday, 24 November 2012

Saturday Night Update - Week 2 - Over....

So, pants week really - all round! David's not feeling great again, not his back or stomach this time, he's got a sore throat :( There's no Dequacaine anywhere in the country, so he's having to make do with Strepsils and they don't seem to work as well... I had a shite week at work and my diet suffered for it too! I've still not signed up for the gym either! I don't think this last stone will shift without exercise either!

I'm finishing the week over by 181 points, do prediction is on or the same... I know where it went wrong, the Baileys at the beginning of the week, which used all my weekly allowance in one go! I've said this before, and I can see it now, it's the downfall for the rest of the week! Plus, not tracking in advance, where I'm preparing the night before, or planning stops on the road to get what I've planned for, doesn't give me structure, which I need...

Well it's back to zero tomorrow morning and I'm planned for breakfast and looking for lunch and dinner once I've done this!

Back in the morning for the weigh in!

Weeza xxx

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