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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Tuesday Night Update...

Well, nearly blew it!!! Damn event food!! I planned so well, I made my porridge up and went down for a cigarette, knocked for Lianne as arranged but she wasn't well! She'd been up all night being sick! I went back down to reception and got her a late checkout so she didn't need to have to get up! However, I went to breakfast as a habit, completely forgetting about my porridge! I got back upstairs and realised! Idiot!! So that went in the bin!!

I got to the event and resisted the Danish pastries! Come 12:30 I ate the sandwich and felt really good about how well I was doing!! However... The food came out and I had to have a look! And I looked and I ate! A few salmon goujons, a chicken sandwich and a slice of a giant sausage roll plus a small mouthful of treacle tart! I tracked it there and then, and got depressed... 23 PP's plus the sandwich I'd eaten at 8 PP's! I have NO willpower!! So add that to the 10 PP's I had for breakfast (instead of the 6 for the porridge) of sausages, black pudding and scrambled eggs, and there's me at 33 PP's and over 6 for the days allowance and into the weekly... So at the end of the event I went back to the hotel and picked up Lianne. I was knackered as two nights bad sleep, a long drive and a boring long day made me incredibly tired, so I stopped to get a coffee on the way back to stay awake! A Costa vanilla latte, at 9 PP.... Bollox!

I got home and David had made the Thai curry I'd made a fuss about having when I got home! So I had that too! I feel like a pig!!!

So, where do I end the day??? At 58 PP for the day, which is 24 over the daily and weekly for the day, leaving just 5 of my weekly allowance :( I've grabbed 2 back from the walking I did at the event, so I have 7 PP for the week... I have to be so careful for the rest of the week, it's only flipping Tuesday! Eek!

Right, early night for me! See you tomorrow!

Weeza xxx

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