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Sunday, 24 May 2009

Another bank holiday, but....

...it didn't rain today!! Yay!!

Sorry I've been away again for a couple of weeks, it's been a bit crazy... We were away last weekend at Dive Fest, down on the south coast of Cornwall,
about 5 minutes from Mevagissey. The event itself was fairly crap, the weather didn't help, it was windy and rained alot! We changed our minds the day before about staying in the van and decided as we still had it, that we'd take the caravan and boy are we pleased that we did! Most of the other people stayed in tents, one in a "tent" on top of his car, like a safari tent and got a big surprise when he climbed down the ladder out of it the first morning as he must have been about 70 years old! The star billed hog roast on the Saturday night was pathetic, 3 small slices of meat in an oversided bap, a small heap of salad and quite honestly, a teaspoon of pasta with pesto. There was one marquee with some trade stands in it, that took a grand 10 minutes max to go round (we did it 3 or 4 times, just to see if it was anymore interesting than the first time, it wasn't...) and we'd really looked forward to seeing Monty Halls who's been on the TV recently with his programme Beachcomber Cottage. He spent 8 months up in the Scottish Highlands living in an old crofter's cottage, and as he's a marine biologist, we were expecting his talk to be on diving around the UK, etc. There was a slideshow of sorts of diving that he'd done around the world at the beginning and then the next 45 minutes was all about his TV programme with the obligatory plug at the end for his book and DVD, utterly disappointing. After the shite hog roast, we went back to the caravan to cook something a bit more filling, watched a DVD (not Monty's may I add) and then went to bed. The tents all got battered with the wind and rain and on Saturday night, most of them must have been shitting themselves as the rain came down in full force! It woke us up at about 3am, the noise was incredible and the wind was rattling the caravan, sod being in a tent in that weather! Anyone that went to dive, couldn't, the chop on the sea was too bad. The diver's seemed to prefer to play cricket on the beach in their drysuits instead, which was odd...

On the Sunday we walked around Mevagissey for a few hours, as we'd both been there as
kids, got a pasty and ate it on the side of the harbour and had a cup of tea in a tea room when it looked like it would hammer down, which it didn't :-)

We then went back to the campsite to have a walk along the beach and had a wander around Pentawan, which funnily enough, was shut! Only the pub was open, which was tempting, but we decided to attempt to fly the kite that I'd bought. When we bought the kite, we'd decided that a 1.2m kite just wasn't going to be big enough, so we decided to go all out and get a 3m one, despite all advice to get a 1.8m for beginners. Pah, we thought! OH MY GOD!! Well, to start with, the whole thing got tangled in the wind and I decided it was crap and to throw it in the bin, but David being the incredibly patient man that he is with anything to do with knots, untangled the whole thing in the caravan and then we walked back down to the beach, got it set up and then up in the air for all of 3 minutes before it made a beeline for my head, crashing down onto the beach. After a few failed attempts at getting it back up in the air, I realised that I was trying to launch it upside down and when I turned it the right way up, the bloody thing took off and David had to dig his heels into the sand to stop it from dragging him up the beach!! Then there was a crack and a flap, flap, flap, the bloody lines on the left side had snapped and it crashed back to the beach again! He's going to fix it so that we can have another go, when we remember! It's currently in the garage where we regularly kick it as we trip over it...

So on the diet side, been relatively good, despite the weekend away, didn't lose anything that week, put on 2lbs, but this week I'm down 4lbs and currently weigh in at 13st 4lbs. The best bit? I am starting to be able to wear clothes that I've not been able to get into for 2 years and that feels REALLY good! Today I put on a pair of shorts that I wore in Thailand and they are way too big. Good! I dug out a pair of combats that I bought to go to Thailand year before last and they were on the tight side and now they are just right and I'm incredibly happy. It really motivates me to lose more and stay on track. I'm wearing my pedometer again and that encourages me to walk more, hit the minimum 3800 steps. The Sunday at the Dive Fest, I walked 11,390 steps, 7.75km! Today I've been walking around and putting up the tennis/badminton/volleyball net that we've got for the garden and Helen next door came round late this afternoon and we attempted volleyball, but the ball was too hard and not round (and I'm shite at it as well) and gossiped whilst "playing" badminton, which I'm marginally better at!

So, off for now, but won't leave it so long next time, I promise :) xxx

Monday, 4 May 2009

That's better....

It's a bank holiday and guess what??? It's wet! Oh well, some things never change... However, what has changed, is my weight! Yes indeedy! I got back on the scales on Tuesday, which I know I shouldn't have, but I weighed 13st 7lbs! 3lbs less than the day before? Anyway, pleased to report that I've lost another pound on top of that, so I'm now officially under 13 and a half stone, 13st 6lbs to be precise! The Alli is working and so far so good with what they call the "diet related side effects"! As I've lost weight, my points on WeightWatchers have been reevaluated and I'm now on 21 points a day instead of 22. Not having to change much as last week I struggled on a couple of days to actually consume 21 points! Fingers crossed that the wine that I've drunk over the weekend hasn't upset anything too much... I still need to get back into exercising and the gym didn't come back to me, so I'll pop in there tomorrow lunch time.

Today's my Dad's birthday, grand old age of 65, officially pensionable! LOL! He doesn't look 65 and is still my Dad who I used to follow around the garden when I was a tot! We're having a BBQ and there's a May Day fete down in the park, so David, his Mum, his sister and her friend are down there at the moment and I'm waiting for my lot to turn up so that we can go down as well. It's bloody noisy down there but finishes at 4:30, so then we can put some music on!

Right, I'm off to finish of the last of the mountain of food that I've prepared and catch you all soon!

Weeza xxx