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Saturday, 30 November 2013


So, history repeats itself.... I get to a milestone and fail.... I hit the 10's then added so I was 11 8... Alcohol and services sandwiches!!! 25 days to holiday so back to 10's for then!!? Blogging if I can, every day!!!

Sunday, 6 October 2013


Haven't blogged in a while again, been 5 months! The main thing is, although I still haven't got to goal, I have hit the 10's!! I've dipped into them over the last couple of weeks, but my official recording in a Sunday with WW hasn't had a 10st in it... Until today! Official weight today is 10st 11.8lbs!! 2.8lbs to goal, 3st 6.2lbs gone! Just shy of 22kg, which is 2kg more than my bag when I go on holiday! That's quite scary! I struggle to lift that bag, and I was carrying it around for YEARS!!! I was the same weight as David, now I'm 2st 11lb lighter than him! Amazing!! 

With just 2.2lb to go, 1kg or a bag of sugar, I'm on the road to goal for next week!!!! 

Weeza xx

Sunday, 12 May 2013


As predicted, the weigh in today was more than yesterday, but I'm still happy with the 2.6lb loss this week! After last week's big loss, I wasn't expecting the same result again anyway! I've lost 45.6lbs in total now, so I have 4.4lbs for the 50lb star!!! 

I still had 26 weekly PP left at the end of the week and that's a first, ever! Plus I had 22 activity points untouched! I know I can do this now and if I aim for 1.5lbs per week, I can reach goal in 6 weeks, a week ahead of when I wanted to get there! 

Planning for the week ahead really worked last week, plus it meant that if I did have a situation with going over, I had the buffer to allow for it! This week is going to be harder, as I'm going to Madrid on Tuesday and back late Wednesday, so I can't prepare as easily, so I'll just have to be sensible! 

Planning a long walk with Munkee today, as it was hailing last night and we couldn't take him out. A good hour and a half should kick the week off nicely! 

Weeza xx

Saturday, 11 May 2013

11 0.8...

Got on the scales this morning, expecting to have stayed at 11 2.4 or thereabouts, but delighted to see a zero after the 11st!! We'll see come tomorrow, it may go back up a bit, but even if it does, I'm on track! 

Been very good this week and have 26 of my weekly allowance left, plus at least 21 activity points untouched!! That's a first!! Do feel a bit stupid as I could have done this years ago, but I guess I'm finally in the mindset now!! 

Right, off to face the day! :)


Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Hello again!!

Couldn't be bothered to blog for a while, to busy etc., but I'm back with good news! I cracked the 3st mark on Sunday!! 11st 4lbs, so exactly 3st off, which I'm over joyed with!

I didn't make goal for my holiday, but I did make it to under 11st 7 for it and was comfortably in size 14 clothes! My weights for diving were reduced to 6kg, 2 less than when I last dived! Plus my wetsuit is now way too big, so I'm waiting until I'm at goal, then I'll buy a new one!! I put 3.5lbs on whilst there, but got it off the week after getting home!

I've become a bit more active, walking the dog with David every night I can, now the evenings have drawn out. My customer base has changed too, so I'm now staying in Newmarket once or twice a week. I was staying in a studio apartment, but I'm changing to a hotel, as they have a gym, so I can use the treadmill for an hour the nights I'm away! I've stayed once already, so know the layout etc.!

My food diary has also changed now warmer weather has finally arrived! I'm eating salads every day and I pack everything the night before, so there are no excuses! My alcohol consumption has dropped too, I'm drinking maybe 1-2 units a night, sometimes none, that's a psychological thing as much as a physical one!

So, target is now 10st 7lbs, which I comfortably feel I can reach, after all this time! 10lbs to go and my goal is to get there for our anniversary on the 30th June, 8 weeks away. 1.5lbs a week is realistically doable and with the exercise it can be done!

I'll be back soon! :)

Weeza x

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Back to tracking Sunday...

For two weeks I've tried tracking from Friday, but it hasn't worked well for me. I'm back to Sunday weigh ins and zeroing to start the week afresh. I'm starting to plan the week ahead as well, got a squash and some carrots, so will be making soup today, plus thinking about where I'm going to be and what I can take with me to make for lunches and also my overnight stay this week. It's too easy to go over when I'm away, as I will buy enough for several people! If I take with me what I'm going to have, it will be easier!

So, I'm 4lbs on, I will get that off this week, and then I will have 8lbs to my 11st target! I have to get it off before the 13th April, as I'm going diving again and I really want to be at goal by then! I know I can do it, I just have to put the effort in!!

See you in a week!!
Weeza xx

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Two things....

Firstly, not blogging has made me complacent... Secondly, changing to a Friday weigh in is pants!!!! Been on Friday for 2 weeks and its not helping!! Going to change back to Sunday when I have access!!

I'm shite, end of, nerrrrr!
Weeza zz

Sunday, 13 January 2013

A measly pound...

Disappointed to say the least! I was hoping for two, but only one! :(

I know what I have to do now, I have to stop using my weekly allowance, pretend it doesn't exist! It's too easy to say "never mind I've gone over the 26PP, I've got my weekly allowance!".

And WATER!!! I'm not drinking enough water!!!

Back on it this week!

Weeza xxx

Saturday, 12 January 2013


Only 40PP over this week! Lowest ever!! Think though, will only be a small loss this week as had a big one last week??

Lets see in the morning!!

Weeza xx

Monday, 7 January 2013

Skinny Jeans...

So, last of my 2012 spending splurge had arrived when I got home tonight! A pair of size 14 skinny jeans from Next. I was worried when I unrolled them, as they looked a bit small, but bloody hell, they fit and I can comfortably do the zip up! No tugging, no breathing in! Over the bloody mooooon!!!!

Good day on track today, 3PP left and still 3 from yesterday's exercise and all my weekly ones too! No urge to drink wine, coke zero is just fine thanks!

Off for now, I'm going to stare in the mirror again at these size 14 skinny jeans I have on!!

Weeza xx

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Not all off..

But most of the 6.5lbs I put on on holiday! I'm having the best start to a week in ages as well! I'm on 26PP again as I'm back under 12st and had 27PP today, but did 4 in exercise walking the dog! So 3 exercise and the full 49 weekly in the "bank"!!

No wine tonight, even though David had some! That's a little achievement for me & made me very proud of myself!

All prepped and tracked for tomorrow, should be bang on 26PP tomorrow and going to try to stay off the wine again!

Right, time for bed! Night!

Weeza xx

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Quick Update...

Back at work and back on track... ish! I was well prepared and stuck to plan, until I hit 3pm and I was wobbly! I think I had a lack of carbs, anyway, I had a mince pie and a packet of French Fries! Felt better...

I feel fat today though, even knowing that I'm down 5lbs this week, but I'm having a lot of days like that at the moment! My stomach isn't shrinking, well not when I look in the mirror anyhow! Maybe I'm used to my new shape now and think I'm fat again? Maybe it's because I think of how I used to look and where I'm aiming for, that I see that figure which had a flat stomach?! I don't know, but I will be getting to the Pilates studio soon, I HAVE to!! My back needs frontal support!

Right, food prepped for tomorrow and an early night in order!

Weeza xx

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year!!!

Hope you all had a good one?! We had a quiet one as predicted! I drank loads, but I thought "start again in 2013"!!

I've managed to drop 5.2lbs on a scale check this morning, I think a lot of the weight on was water retention and I've peed a hell of a lot since then and although I've over eaten, it's been healthy over eating and not junk!! Went for a New Years walk with David and Munkee this morning for an hour, which included a steep climb and my thighs were stinging all day!!!

I'm tracked and prepped for tomorrow and have an 8 PP buffer! As long as I can keep that 5.2lbs off for the rest of the week, I'll be happy! TactioHealth says if I do 2lb a week, I'll be at the 11st goal by Feb 11! Would be nice :)

Right, off for my 7 hours sleep and back to work tomorrow :(

Weeza xx