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Sunday, 6 October 2013


Haven't blogged in a while again, been 5 months! The main thing is, although I still haven't got to goal, I have hit the 10's!! I've dipped into them over the last couple of weeks, but my official recording in a Sunday with WW hasn't had a 10st in it... Until today! Official weight today is 10st 11.8lbs!! 2.8lbs to goal, 3st 6.2lbs gone! Just shy of 22kg, which is 2kg more than my bag when I go on holiday! That's quite scary! I struggle to lift that bag, and I was carrying it around for YEARS!!! I was the same weight as David, now I'm 2st 11lb lighter than him! Amazing!! 

With just 2.2lb to go, 1kg or a bag of sugar, I'm on the road to goal for next week!!!! 

Weeza xx

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