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Monday, 31 August 2009

After all that....

Well, disappointed to report that today's weigh-in shows only one pound off :-( Never mind, I guess that I knew really, the early optimism of the 3lbs serves me right for getting on the scales mid-week!! I have drunk a lot of fruit juices, which I didn't (stupidly) realise that they are actually quite heavy on the points! So, back to it this morning, Maya (My Fitness Trainer on the Wii) has told me off as well, for being inconsistent with the workouts! Crikey, even the animated computer person's having a go!! ;-)

I'm sorting the meal plans out for the week later and I'll be very, very, very strict and will absolutely run EVERYTHING through the WW website before I eat it... or drink it!!

I'm off now to take the tank and airbox off the bike, really been putting it off, but after doing the oil and filter change myself, I think that checking the cam chain tensioner can't be that hard really, and David's there to help me! Then is the labourious task of putting all the fairings back on!

Off for now, will try to update tomorrow with my progress!! ;-)

Weeza xxx

Thursday, 27 August 2009

I'm very optimistic!!!

After a fairly appalling start to this week, where I'd gained a pound, I've put 100% more effort into it this week and a sneaky peek at the scales tells me there's 3 pounds (just over a kilo) come off!! I had my assessment on the Wii Personal Trainer today and I've lost 5lbs (about 2kgs) and 1in off my bicep, 3 off my waist, 4 off my hips and 2 off my thighs!! This is though, since the 19th of April when I first set it up, but still, I'm happy! The Trainer also said that I need to do 6 days out of 7, 3 lots of 30 mins and 3 lots of 15 mins, but I've made it 30 mins on all 6 days. Saturday's I get off! I'm making more of an effort to walk the dog with David now as well, trying to make sure that we're out for at least 30 mins.

Also, I did a meal plan for the entire week, which is printed out and in the kitchen. If I eat something, I either tick it off or cross it off and replace with something else if appropriate. This has made me think about what I'm doing a lot more as well. I'm aiming for 6lbs off this week, so I'm at 13st (182lbs/82.7kgs). That would mean that since I came back from Thailand in January, I would have lost 10% of my body weight!! My goal is still 10st 7lbs (147lbs/66.8kgs) and my official 10% goal is 12st (168lbs/76.4kgs). I'm aiming for 3lbs a week from here on, which if I actually achieve it, will mean I'm at goal weight for my birthday in November!!

I'm going to take a photo of me in the same clothes as the original photo in Bangkok, to see if there's a visible difference in the stone (14lbs/6.4kgs) that's come off since then. I'll post it as soon as it's done, I have to dig the clothes out first!! ;-)

Job front, nothing much has changed, I was rejected for the 2 second interviews that I went for, not enough experience in certain areas, but overall the feedback has been great. I've also decided not to go for the position with the AV company as it's really outside of my field.... The second interview is in Blackburn as well, which is a bloody long way!

Right, that's enough from me for now, back after next week's weigh-in and measure up!!

Weeza xxxx

Tuesday, 18 August 2009


I decided to cancel my gym membership, it's an unnecessary expense at the moment, what with being unemployed!! I bought My Fitness Coach for the Wii a while back and decided yesterday to do 15 minutes of Pilates and 30 minutes of the Fitness Coach, hard work, but felt great afterwards. On the other hand, today my stomach muscles, tops of my shoulders, lats and deltoids are killing me! Loving the fact that I can feel that I've exercised and have no excuse to not do it! I've set the Wii up with the days and times that I'll exercise and it works the program out for me! Great!

On the weigh in front, I stayed the same again this week, mostly due to laziness... I'm trying to be good or at least better this week, I'd like to see me back down closer to the 13st (182lb/82kg) mark come next Monday. That would mean a loss of about 5lbs, which is achievable at this weight. As long as I watch the Points and keep up the exercise...

On the job front, I've had 2 second interviews now and I've got 2 firsts lined up, one on Thursday and one on Wednesday next week. Both seconds went well, but the one closer to home this morning, I really panicked about and I don't think I've ever been that nervous at an interview!!! Sweaty palms, shaky, stuttering!! Not good, but they had made allowances for it and the parts that I really had great knowledge of, I flew on. The reason for the nervousness was that I had to prepare and present on the vendor that I would be looking after, with only information publically available on the internet... The interviewers asked a couple of questions that I really couldn't answer, as the information is not online, or if it is, you have to register for it as a partner. Anyway I should hear tomorrow or Thursday on the one from this morning and Monday for the other one on Friday. Fingers crossed on both of them!!

So, other than that, life is good. I'm going to be working on David's website this afternoon, needs some serious tweaking now that it's searchable on the internet, is on the van and the business cards and is in the Surrey Herald as we took out an ad. Had the first call from the ad already and we had a couple of lads come up to the workshop this afternoon after finding us on the internet! All good stuff!

Right, that's me for now, I'll update when I have more news... :-)

Take care all and enjoy the limited sunshine that we're having!!

Weeza xxx

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Job Hunt Update

Well, again, lots has happened in the last couple of weeks! My weight's stayed the same(ish) - 13st 5lbs. I have a little more motivation now and today is the first day of my alcohol cut down. I've bought a new bike, which will help me get a little fitter, as rather than in a car, where you just sit and turn the wheel, I have to work with it! Picture to the right!!!

I'm still hunting for a job, had a few interviews, mostly excellent feedback, only been one that knocked me back and that's because other candidates had more experience for the role. I've got one interview lined up for next week and one second already booked in, waiting to hear on another second, that looked really promising, but is going cold quickly! I'm on the case!!

Other than that, I'm enjoying my time in between jobs, in what we've got of a summer, today looks like a great day to get out on my bike, the sun's shining right now and it's not too hot!

Hope everyone is well and see you soon!

Weeza xxx