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Sunday, 28 October 2012

PP's Dropped...!

So, weigh in was 12st dead!! I got a notification that my PP's have changed from 27 to 26, so I'm going to have to be more careful! I have 8 weeks to my holiday, so I'm hoping to continue with a pound a week, which really is a whole lot more sensible & steady. I know I had a few large losses some weeks, but they were generally followed by gains the week after! The table on the Weight Watchers iPhone app shows the weight in +/- lbs per week, so I can see where it's gone right and gone wrong...

So, rethinking meals for this week. 2 nights away and I really need to be strong and stick to plan!! I will need to think hard on the Newcastle trip as I can't buy something from Tesco to take with me!!

My sister's wedding was amazing yesterday, a bit surreal as it was my sister that was up there reciting her vows!! Never thought I'd see one of us actually get married!! Great seeing so many family members and old family friends as well! I drank too much, no surprises there and fell off my skyscraper heels!! Nice bruise on my knee, haha!!

My cousin took a photo of me and my aunt Suzanne, and one of me and her as well, and you can see the weightloss in the photos! I had so many compliments yesterday, that was motivational to continue as well!!

Right, off to plan the week ahead and catch up in Dallas!!!

Weeza xxx

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Working hard!!

Been really hard on myself so far this week! I've stuck to my PP and allowance and been good! Scales this morning show 11st 12.6lbs!!

The motivation from sticking to PP is kicking in and the compliments help too!! I have 12.6lbs to goal now and given that I managed a stone and a half in 12 weeks without sticking to PP, I can do it before our holiday at Christmas!! I've been thinking about exercise and I think swimming is what I need to do, both for weight loss an my back! I'm away tonight and at an event tomorrow, then Friday I'm off to help mum with final wedding preparations. Then the big day on Saturday! I might be able to swim on Friday afternoon and on Sunday, hopefully!

Anyway, off on me travels again now, so staying strong and sticking to plan!!!

Weeza xxx

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Weekly Weigh In

So, not in the 11's but that was predicted! Weigh in today was 12st 1lb, so I have 15lb to go, 1st 1lb! I ended up going over on my PP allowance, but not by nearly as much as usual! However, I've proved I can do it, it wasn't hard and I can carry on!

I've found this week, that planning the day before works incredibly well. No guess work and I leave a small amount of PP's to compensate for any slips! Even something as simple as measuring out a milk allowance helps! Fruit and salad are simple and really filling, plus the home made soups to grab out of the fridge, simples!

This week is my sister's wedding, so I need to keep my weekly PP's for Saturday! My aunt and cousin are coming over from Egypt this week for the wedding. Not seen Suzanne since my birthday a year ago and not seen Natalie since I visited in 2009! Really looking forward to catching up!

Right, off to plan some more soup ideas!

See you in the week!

Weeza xxx

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Hit the 11's!!!!

I know that before the week is over and my weigh in on Sunday it could change but my extra hard work and effort showed on the scales this morning with an 11st 13.4lbs! This for me, is a mahoosive achievement! I remember being 11st 9lbs in March 2006 after getting up into the 12's and then dieting with Slim Fast but that's the last time I remember the 11's! 6 and a half years later, I'm back in the 11's!

Seeing that this weeks effort is paying off is keeping me motivated and determined! I'm away tonight, but have an apartment so going to walk to Tesco to get dinner to cook!

So goddamn happy this morning!!

See you soon!

Weeza xxx

Wednesday, 17 October 2012


That's what I have to go to be exactly 12st! There was a zero after the 12 on the scales this morning, with a .8 after it!

Used some of my weekly PP yesterday, but for a change, I actually had some and didn't see it go more into minus! My BMI is also finally in the healthy range too!!

I'm getting more sleep this week and I'm not working after hours (apart from a couple of emails on my phone), and I think that's helping, along with drinking far less wine!!

Bye for now!

Weeza xxx

Monday, 15 October 2012

Managed a day on track!

After a relatively successful Friday and Saturday, I put a lot of effort in yesterday, to not go wildly over my PP for the day, and I did it! I used my daily PP and earned 5 PP walking the dog and on the pedometer (which I found, attached to a pair of shorts I haven't worn in months!). I used the earned PP, and one weekly PP, so my weekly allowance is still practically untouched! Historically, I would have used my daily and half my weekly allowance by Sunday night, then it would have gone downhill from there!

I have all of today already tracked, I have 2 PP from my daily PP still to use, so there's a small buffer, but I shouldn't need it! Pedometer will go back on today & I'm going to try to earn at least 1 PP so I can bank it!

Happy days, now just need to stick with it!!!

Report back soon!

Weeza xxx

Sunday, 14 October 2012

A pound...

Well just under! Self control is not something I have really! However, after a disastrous start to the week, I ended the week 98 PP over, I was much more restrained on Friday and Saturday, so that's why there was a little loss!

One of the bigger problems I had, was the wine again! I had stopped mixing it with water, so I've started doing that again and more than halved my intake! I've also found that I'd slipped from my planning in advance, so thinking ahead is key! Today is already in the tracker, an it will be easier to stick to! I've discovered the ease of pre prepared fruit fingers of mango, pineapple and melon which is surprisingly filling! They're on the shopping list!!

So, going to pull right in, to save my extra PP for my sister's hen night next Saturday!

Laters all!

Weeza x

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Stayed the same...

No surprises, same weight as last week! Was heading for weight on but pulled myself back some at the latter half of the week!

Charlotte's wedding is in three weeks, now although I'm slimmer and a dress size down from a year ago, I really wanted to be in the 11's for the wedding! I could do it, if I really behave for the next 3 weeks! My back is knackered again, so exercise is out, although I might try some gentle Pilates specifically designed for bad backs...

We'll see, zero on the clock again and really going to be tough on myself this week!

Weeza xx

Monday, 1 October 2012


23 PP over on day 2! Nuff said!! Weak and useless.... Nite xx