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Sunday, 30 September 2012


0.4lb on this week... I could come up with a million and one excuses, but the real reason was I became complacent this week, I drank wine, ate junk food and no exercise!

No more to say today, just gotta get on with it! Might even get the DVDs out of their wrappers today!?!?

Weeza x

Sunday, 23 September 2012

If you're happy and you know it....

....clap your hands!!! I'm clapping!!! 1.8lbs off this week!! I've dropped the pound on last week and 0.8 more. But.... Why do I lose, gain, lose? Sometimes I don't do anything different in food and exercise terms, but it still happens...?

Tonight for Sunday roast, I restricted the pork and potatoes, but loaded up on leek, cabbage, kale and carrots! Breakfast and lunch were conservative too! Again, my demon tonight has been alcohol! Ok, it's not "full fat" wine, but it's still PP loaded!!! It really does seem to be a stress trigger, in that I am stressed, I reach for the wine bottle!! Gotta stop, tomorrow!

So, ready for tomorrow, clothes out, hair done and breakfast and lunch sorted! Another day, a fresh start! Home made carrot and coriander soup for lunch, which I'm really pleased with!

Off to sleep, so night all!

Weeza xxx

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Kiss of death...

Whenever I post about how much I could lose in a given timeframe, I slip up, it's the kiss of death for a loss that week! I've not had a great week so far, pizza on Tuesday, which I ate all my points in one hit, not just for the day, but the whole week!! Even though I bought 2 DVDs for 10 minute exercise, I'm either too busy or too tired to do them! I think it's the fact I have to change, then do the workout, then shower that's putting me off! Also I don't want to inconvenience D by taking up the TV in the living room after he's had a hard day at work!

I've done so well up to now, but for the last stone and a bit, I'm going to have to do something, or I'm in danger of putting it back on!! There's only one person who can make this happen and that's ME!

I'm away tonight and back late tomorrow, so I can't see me getting any exercise done and I'm in fear of eating shit motorway services food, so I need to be strong!

Anyways, off to Milton Keynes this morning, then Abingdon, then Reading, then finally off up to Telford!! Gonna be a long day!


Weeza xxx

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Expected really!!!

Well, given the week I had and that I was over 200PP, not really surprised I have put on a pound this week! Started badly last Sunday and didn't improve all week! Wine, burgers, event food, McDonald's, I could go on!!!! My attempt at a healthy stir fry last night brought out a hive rash, something didn't agree with me!!! LOL!!

So, the PP clock is back to zero, and I start again! I'm only away one night this week, Thursday night, so I will be able to be much better behaved and may even get some exercise in! I walked pretty much 3 hours yesterday at the Goodwood Revival, but my feet are killing me, as it was in heels!! I can't rate the Revival highly enough, everybody got into the spirit and nearly everyone was dressed up! Even we did!!

So, enough for today, healthy breakfast coming up and a clean slate for a new week!

Weeza xxx

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Bad start to the week!

I've been bad with a capital 'B' this week! I stopped counting PP's on Monday as it wasn't any point! I was away and lost all will power! I'm on 3lbs when I checked this morning, unless I pull the reins in for the next 4 days, I'm in trouble! I feel as guilty as hell, feel I've really let myself down.. I can redeem but will have to be really strong...

The new suits arrived in a size 14, 2 fit but the jackets are a little snug although the trousers fit well. The other, the trousers are just too tight, although I can do them up! Another 6lbs and they'll be fine!

Up to London today, so some walking to be done!!

Weeza x

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Another star!!

WW have given me another star! 7+ for another 7lbs off!! 12st 3.4lbs now! But I'm going to plateau if I don't start doing some exercise....

So, I've done really well, but I need to keep it up but not on food alone. I know I can lose more with exercise as the weeks I've had bigger losses are those with more exercise. It's a known fact! I really want to be in the 11's for the end of the month and would have liked to have been for the 18th when I see Rach for the first time since February! That's just over a week and I don't think it's realistic, but I think for the end of the month it is. Next mini goal is 11st 13lbs for my Sept 30th weigh in! That gives me 3 weeks to lose 4.6lbs, which is just over 1.5lbs a week. I can do that!! Then my sister's wedding is 4 weeks after that, so at the same rate I should be 11st 7lbs, just 7lbs off goal! If I work harder, I could reach goal by my birthday... That would be 2st in 12 months :0)

Enough dreaming, time to make this reality!!! I'm having breakfast and then out with David and Munkee!!

See you soon!

Weeza xx

Saturday, 8 September 2012


A wry smile... I'm sitting here in a pair of size 14 jeans that I didn't have to breathe in to do up! I feel a shopping spree coming on!!

Walked the dog with David today at St Ann's Hill, which was cool for the Munkee before the heat of the day rose. Covered 1.5 miles and then managed to reset the bloody pedometer again!!! It's going in the bin! Off to Portland tomorrow for D to dig in the ocean and catch some dinner!

Right, off to eat meatballs! See you tomorrow!

Weeza xx

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Shocking photo moment!!

I was in the office yesterday and one of the girls commented on how much weight I've lost. Now I still don't really see it myself, but she pulled up a photo on Facebook from our work Summer Party two years ago. Then I saw it!!! I was sitting a bit funny as I'd put my back out on the bouncy castle (!) but OMG!! Photo below.... I'm the one in the '1971' T-shirt, bottom right...

Scales this morning show I'm 2st 1.2lbs off where I was then! Now I'm starting to feel proud, motivated and really good about myself! I'm seeing a friend I've not seen since about February on the 18th, I hope to be in the 11's by then!!! :0)

Right, off to work!

Weeza xx

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Quarter Pounder...

I haven't eaten one, but I've put a quarter of a pound on this week... :0( It's not really a big surprise if I'm totally honest! I've spent most of the week sitting down and not been as vigilant as I should have been with the diet! Eating late at night hasn't helped either!

My sister's wedding is in 8 weeks and I'm still determined to be in the 11's for it! I have 4.4lbs to go, it's not a lot, so I'm giving myself two weeks to get that off... I'm aiming for 8lbs off in September, which will get me to 11st 10lbs. That's the mini goal!

I'm quite proud that I've managed to get so much off that one particular suit I have is now so big, that the trousers are falling down and I can't wear them any more! They are a UK 16 so I think I might squeeze into a 14 now! Tops that were tight on the arms are now loose too, but as predicted, my boobs are disappearing too! I'm not staying fat to keep them though!!!!

Right, I'm off, ready to start again!!

Weeza xx