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Sunday, 16 September 2012

Expected really!!!

Well, given the week I had and that I was over 200PP, not really surprised I have put on a pound this week! Started badly last Sunday and didn't improve all week! Wine, burgers, event food, McDonald's, I could go on!!!! My attempt at a healthy stir fry last night brought out a hive rash, something didn't agree with me!!! LOL!!

So, the PP clock is back to zero, and I start again! I'm only away one night this week, Thursday night, so I will be able to be much better behaved and may even get some exercise in! I walked pretty much 3 hours yesterday at the Goodwood Revival, but my feet are killing me, as it was in heels!! I can't rate the Revival highly enough, everybody got into the spirit and nearly everyone was dressed up! Even we did!!

So, enough for today, healthy breakfast coming up and a clean slate for a new week!

Weeza xxx

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