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Thursday, 20 September 2012

Kiss of death...

Whenever I post about how much I could lose in a given timeframe, I slip up, it's the kiss of death for a loss that week! I've not had a great week so far, pizza on Tuesday, which I ate all my points in one hit, not just for the day, but the whole week!! Even though I bought 2 DVDs for 10 minute exercise, I'm either too busy or too tired to do them! I think it's the fact I have to change, then do the workout, then shower that's putting me off! Also I don't want to inconvenience D by taking up the TV in the living room after he's had a hard day at work!

I've done so well up to now, but for the last stone and a bit, I'm going to have to do something, or I'm in danger of putting it back on!! There's only one person who can make this happen and that's ME!

I'm away tonight and back late tomorrow, so I can't see me getting any exercise done and I'm in fear of eating shit motorway services food, so I need to be strong!

Anyways, off to Milton Keynes this morning, then Abingdon, then Reading, then finally off up to Telford!! Gonna be a long day!


Weeza xxx

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