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Saturday, 25 July 2015

Seeing it all with a new pair of eyes...

Today I've used MFP (My Fitness Pal) to track all day and make choices.... It's making me think differently to WW!! My choices for dinner were changed as I could see it was too much protein!

Not much exercise today, but I can feel the DOMS from yesterday and riding my motorbike, I had numb hands from sore shoulders!!!

Feeling good today though and pleased with my choicesn😇

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Here we go again....

I'm pretty crap at maintaining a consistency with training and diet, which is why this blog is several years old and sporadically updated! 

I lost three stone and last May weighed 11st, but I'm back up to 12st 7.2lbs, as of this morning 😢 I know why, same every time... I eat rubbish and drink too much alcohol... I had started training again in March, joined the gym and started working with a personal trainer, Lamorna Harpin. I've known Lamorna for several years, as she used to work for one of the distributors I worked with at f5. She did the CRN Fight Night last year,was the only female bout and won! Since then she's left the industry and started personal training and running classes at Pure Gym in Camberley and rebounding/trampoline classes at Gravity Force. I started as one of 8 people who were guinea pigs for her new venture and signed up for another 10 sessions after we finished. I also started C25K in April but injured my right knee in May, which turned out to be a meniscus tear. I've had a steroid injection (cortisone) and physio, but it's not worked, so my follow up this Monday will probably result in surgery... I have 2 diving holidays booked, so I'm not keen to have anything done until late January! I've had 10 and a half weeks with no exercise and it's slowly killing me!!

I decided that if my knee is buggered anyway, not doing any exercise is going to make it worse, so I'm going all out for it! I was back with Lamorna yesterday, and have another 6 sessions booked before we go to Gozo for 9 days, plus the bike I bought will be used every Sunday and I'll be swimming on a Saturday. I've ordered an Urban Rebounder, which I used with Lamorna yesterday, which I'll use in between sessions. 

I've been using My Fitness Pal on and off, but now I'll be religiously tracking and Lamorna will be checking. I have protein, fat, calorie and carb targets and it's bloody hard to keep in line with them! I'm also wearing the Fitbit every day still and tracking all my steps. 

I'm in London today and Manchester  tonight, so lots of walking. I've DOMS from last night, but I know tomorrow will be worse! Onwards and upwards!

So, let's see how it goes this time... I know it's down to me and working hard, but with two stone to lose by Christmas, I have to put in the effort! Maybe, just maybe, the weight off my joints will slow down any further damage...? 😃

Until next time... 

Monday, 6 April 2015

Here I am again!

Another age since I posted.... I'm back up to over 12 stone again, which is disappointing, as you'd expect!

The 18 months saw some changes, biggest was changing my job a year ago. That's when the slide started and the weight started going back on! Discipline has never been strong for me and I tend to overeat, not listening to the 'full' signal.  Although my eating habits slipped, for the last 5 weeks I've started exercising again. 

During the spring last year, I had a course of injections in my back, which along with physio in the summer, helped my back recover enough to get off cocodamol and ibuprofen at last! My stomach isn't great from years of taking NSAIDs but at least I can move now! I still struggle with standing for long periods and walking at a shuffle, such as around markets and exhibitions. So 5 weeks ago, when a friend asked for guinea pigs to be testimonials for her new business venture, I signed up! 6 weeks of personal training! I've nearly completed that and I'm 2 weeks into Couch to 5k running. I've signed up for the Windsor Colour Rush Obstacle Run on the 6th June as well! I even ran whilst in Malta this weekend!! I'm back in the gym and have started using Milon (http://www.milon.com/home-milon-circuit-video). So training 3 times a week now, but I need to sort the calories in vs calories out!! 

Blogging helped 2 years ago, so I'm going to start again! Flying home today, and Monday is my start day for tracking, so it's a good day to start again!!

See you tomorrow!! 

Weeza x