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Monday, 6 April 2015

Here I am again!

Another age since I posted.... I'm back up to over 12 stone again, which is disappointing, as you'd expect!

The 18 months saw some changes, biggest was changing my job a year ago. That's when the slide started and the weight started going back on! Discipline has never been strong for me and I tend to overeat, not listening to the 'full' signal.  Although my eating habits slipped, for the last 5 weeks I've started exercising again. 

During the spring last year, I had a course of injections in my back, which along with physio in the summer, helped my back recover enough to get off cocodamol and ibuprofen at last! My stomach isn't great from years of taking NSAIDs but at least I can move now! I still struggle with standing for long periods and walking at a shuffle, such as around markets and exhibitions. So 5 weeks ago, when a friend asked for guinea pigs to be testimonials for her new business venture, I signed up! 6 weeks of personal training! I've nearly completed that and I'm 2 weeks into Couch to 5k running. I've signed up for the Windsor Colour Rush Obstacle Run on the 6th June as well! I even ran whilst in Malta this weekend!! I'm back in the gym and have started using Milon (http://www.milon.com/home-milon-circuit-video). So training 3 times a week now, but I need to sort the calories in vs calories out!! 

Blogging helped 2 years ago, so I'm going to start again! Flying home today, and Monday is my start day for tracking, so it's a good day to start again!!

See you tomorrow!! 

Weeza x 


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