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Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Weigh in.....

Well, not as bad as I thought! 1lb on... So, the motivation is back and meal plans are done! I even have the other half on WW full English breakfasts!! Only 4.5 points, 2 low fat sausages, a slice of bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes and egg. Delicious, feels naughty, but it's not! I've got a new DVD too, Pilates for Weight Loss. I've got as far as unwrapping it, but it's not actually made it into the DVD player yet! I bought one for David as well, Be Kind to Your Spine, same as me, unwrapped it but not in the DVD player yet!!

So, job hunt, looks like it's over! I got offered a job yesterday and there's another in the offing, with another company, but I'm waiting desperately to hear. They need to make a commitment to me, so that I can reject the other, but I'm not burning my bridges yet! Watch this space....

I'm off now to play more Mahjong on my laptop, whilst catching up with Desperate Housewives! Season Six will be starting soon and I need more answers!!!

Take it easy and I'll post any job updates as and when I hear.

Weeza xxx

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Let me explain my absence....

So, I'm a bad girl and didn't WI on Monday, I avoided it cos I knew that I'd been bad. I weighed myself yesterday and it's at 13st 3lbs, which is a 1lb gain... I made some apricot muffins last week, which were delicious, but contained buttermilk, a whole carton, which is never good! I ate too many of them as well... :-(

So, the resolve is to try REALLY hard next week. I wouldn't be surprised tomorrow, to see another 1lb, I haven't exercised for a week and finally had the motivation yesterday, but popped my back! It pops in and out occasionally and it's back in now, so I can do some exercise! Tomorrow I'm back at it with Maya and I've also bought a Pilates for weightloss DVD. I really do enjoy Pilates, but the DVD's I have require a wall, which isn't really practical in our house!

On the job front, lots of activities last week, 4 interviews and hopefully I'll hear tomorrow about one of them, Tuesday about another and I have a second interview on Wednesday. All good stuff, so hopefully I will be employed again soon!

Right, I'm off for now, we're going to take the dog for a walk and tonight is my friend James' boat launch. He's rowing solo across the Atlantic in a couple of months! Check out his site - www.atlanticadventurer.com.

Catch you all tomorrow!

Love Weeza xxxx

Monday, 21 September 2009


We'll talk about it tomorrow..... I haven't done my WI for today and I have a feeling that the scales aren't going to be kind.... It's all about the muffins.....

Weeza xxxx

Monday, 14 September 2009


Well, got on the scales today for WI and was seriously expecting a STS, but got the flaming shock of my life!!! 2lbs OFFFFFFFFFFFF!! That takes me to 13st 2lbs (184lbs)! I'm so, so, so, so happy!! Gives me all the more motivation to work hard and get down to the 12's for next week!

I tried on a pair of jeans yesterday as well, that I haven't worn for ages and I bought when I was at my biggest (14st odd) and am very pleased to report that they are going to the charity shop! They were hanging off me and even with a belt, not a chance! All bunched up! The pictures on the fridge are helping too, I see them going in and out of the kitchen and when I go near the fridge, bread bin, biscuit box, etc.!

I'm totally over the moon this morning and am now off to do half an hour with Maya (My Fitness Coach on the Wii)...

Catch you all later in the week and those that also have a WI today, all the best, I know that you'll all do really well!

Weeza xxx

Friday, 11 September 2009

Now and then....

Been digging through some old photos and found some of me 10 years ago, when I met David.... This is what I'm aiming for!!!

Not been too bad this week, but not been great either!! Hoping to redeem myself with some extra exercise tomorrow and Sunday!!

See you Monday for WI day! Have a great weekend!


Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Fitness Assessment Number 2

Morning all!! I've done my fitness assessment on the Fitness Coach on the Wii this morning! I must have miscalculated my weight on the last one (still not used to working only in pounds) and my weight was the same as before. But, I've lost an inch off my bicep, half an inch off my thighs and one inch off my hips!! I'll say that I'm happy with that ;-)

I'm trying much harder with keeping within my points and I'm back doing the Fitness Coach everyday now! I'm following the recommendations on there for days and times now as well, more likely to follow it! I get Saturday's off, so hopefully I can do some Pilates or yoga, maybe a very long walk with the dog! If I'm really good, I should see 2lbs off this week, which takes me 2lbs from the 12's (12 stones range).

I've had a battle with BT this morning as well. I received my final phone bill, as I've moved our line and calls to Sky, and it was £83.13! My usual bill is £12, so I was horrified! I called, got sent around the houses 3 times and then finally lost my rag with them and hung up. I found on their website that there's a live chat facility, so I used that and spoke to an advisor, who told me the same things that the 3 people that I spoke to on the phone. I explained that I never received the letter they said that I should have done, renewing my contract for another 12 months! (If you are with BT, beware that your contract is renewable every 12 months, unlike contract mobile phones, where you then go month by month, once the initial contract period ends). She "gave me the benefit of doubt" and said that they would refund the cancellation charge of £88.06 and I would receive a cheque credit of £4.93!! Woohoo!!! Louisa 1 - BT 0!!

So, I'm off for now, catch you all later in the week! Keep up the good work everyone!

Love, Weeza xxxx

Monday, 7 September 2009

Another pound down!!

Morning all!! It's Monday and weigh in day!! I was expecting a STS this morning, how wonderfully surprised I was to see a pound off!! This means that I'm ONE STONE (14lbs) down from January!!!

I didn't touch the Wii from last Tuesday, I've been a little depressed and didn't feel much like it... Saturday I had a dog roll from the snack van at a auction that we went to, but I tried to be good later on. Yesterday I was REALLY good! We went to the RSPCA day yesterday and spent a good hour walking around. That kind of made me feel a little better about the fact that I'd done relatively little exercise during the week! Last night, I had a couple of Pimms and diet lemonade and woke up this morning full of energy, so got Maya out and did 30 minutes with her. Upper body today, but did 15 minutes of high intensity cardio first. I was panting and sweating, just as you're supposed to! I feel energised and ready to take on the world now, although I have a feeling that come tea time, I'll be unable to lift my arms! ;-)

I'm so pleased that even with very little effort last week, I lost 1lb, so I'm motivated more now to do more this week! I really, really, really want to be in the 12's, that would be a major achievement, as I haven't been in the 12's for over 2 years now! I'm beginning to like the fact that my clothes fit or are more loose now! I've refused to buy size 18 clothes, so the size 16's have been a little tight for some time!!

Right, I'm off now, have meal plans to work out for the rest of the week. We've got Steak and Mushroom Pie tonight (WW cook eat enjoy Cookbook, page 186). Very yummy and can't wait, it takes 2 hours to cook before you even put it in the oven!!!

Good luck this week everyone!

Weeza xxxx

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Bad, bad, bad, bad girl!!!

I sometimes wonder what my level of commitment is to my weight loss and if I really understand the effort that I'm going to really need to put into it as well.... I have a weakness, it's not food, it's alcohol... I'm not an alcoholic (really, I'm not), but I do like a drink! I've swapped wine for vodka as it's not as calorific, as I can drink it with zero points mixers, like diet lemonade or flavoured water. It sounds terrible as I write it, that I've swapped wine for vodka, as vodka seems kind of hard-core, but not drinking wine has made an enormous difference to me. My skin for starters! Drinking wine made me really spotty and now, I'm virtually spot free! I need to have more alcohol free days, I know that, I will not succeed unless I do!

All this is because I drank too much last night and had a wobbly head for most of the day. I've been helping in the workshop and I kept dropping things and tripping over, all because I was a bit jaded. I've had a conversation with David about it tonight and we both agree, we drink too much. Oh, and I smoke too much as well... Time for a change me thinks....

So, Maya's been left on the shelf since Tuesday, we've been really busy and I was too knackered after we'd finished up in the workshop. She's coming back out tomorrow though, 30 minutes of sheer punishment from my animated babe!!!

Food wise, well, the plan is in the kitchen, and I do look at it to check. There's been a few adjustments but seems that all is going according to plan!!

Right, that's me for now. Hope everyone else is keeping up with the motivation and promises to themselves for the week!!

Love to all,
Weeza xxx

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Crow's Feet....

Is it just me, but I've noticed that as I'm losing weight, my crow's feet or should I say, laughter lines, are becoming more apparent... Does this mean that if I get the 3+ stone off that I need to get down to 10st 7lbs, I will be all wrinkly??? :-)

I think that with the invention of many anti-aging creams, this is the last of my worries! I won't be (hopefully) wrinkly anywhere else (although I have a feeling my boobs will be in a race to see which one can reach my belly button first)!!!

Been really busy today, the accounts for the business need to be prepared and completed before the end of the month and we've had 2 more bikes in today and there's another due in tomorrow evening! This is all good, I hope that it continues!! My bike didn't get put back together today, instead I've put the new front indicators on, checked the spark plugs, given the carbs a quick squirt and David's sorted the cam rattle (it was a sticky tensioner) and found that the clutch cable didn't just need oiling, it needed replacing!! It's nearly worn through as it was so dry!! One should arrive tomorrow morning, so we can put it all back together and I can actually ride the damn thing!!!

Food... Well, I was on the forum on WW today and there's sooooo much inspriration. In fact, I feel a bit of a fraud! My goal is 3 and three quarter stone from January's figure of 14st 4lbs. I want to get to 10st 7lbs, the weight I was happy at, 10 years ago. I've managed to piss about for 3 years and do nothing except put weight on, but some of these WW users have more than 5st to lose and are half way or over!! What more do I need as motivation, than these formerly "big" ladies (and lads), who have through sheer determination and a desire, lost so much weight, that I'm ashamed!!

Anyway, logging off for now! I'm back with Maya on the My Fitness Coach in the morning, we have a 30 minute session, which I'm sure will punish me!!! ;-)

Catch ya all laters!!

Weeza xxxxx