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Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Weigh in.....

Well, not as bad as I thought! 1lb on... So, the motivation is back and meal plans are done! I even have the other half on WW full English breakfasts!! Only 4.5 points, 2 low fat sausages, a slice of bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes and egg. Delicious, feels naughty, but it's not! I've got a new DVD too, Pilates for Weight Loss. I've got as far as unwrapping it, but it's not actually made it into the DVD player yet! I bought one for David as well, Be Kind to Your Spine, same as me, unwrapped it but not in the DVD player yet!!

So, job hunt, looks like it's over! I got offered a job yesterday and there's another in the offing, with another company, but I'm waiting desperately to hear. They need to make a commitment to me, so that I can reject the other, but I'm not burning my bridges yet! Watch this space....

I'm off now to play more Mahjong on my laptop, whilst catching up with Desperate Housewives! Season Six will be starting soon and I need more answers!!!

Take it easy and I'll post any job updates as and when I hear.

Weeza xxx

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