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Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Fitness Assessment Number 2

Morning all!! I've done my fitness assessment on the Fitness Coach on the Wii this morning! I must have miscalculated my weight on the last one (still not used to working only in pounds) and my weight was the same as before. But, I've lost an inch off my bicep, half an inch off my thighs and one inch off my hips!! I'll say that I'm happy with that ;-)

I'm trying much harder with keeping within my points and I'm back doing the Fitness Coach everyday now! I'm following the recommendations on there for days and times now as well, more likely to follow it! I get Saturday's off, so hopefully I can do some Pilates or yoga, maybe a very long walk with the dog! If I'm really good, I should see 2lbs off this week, which takes me 2lbs from the 12's (12 stones range).

I've had a battle with BT this morning as well. I received my final phone bill, as I've moved our line and calls to Sky, and it was £83.13! My usual bill is £12, so I was horrified! I called, got sent around the houses 3 times and then finally lost my rag with them and hung up. I found on their website that there's a live chat facility, so I used that and spoke to an advisor, who told me the same things that the 3 people that I spoke to on the phone. I explained that I never received the letter they said that I should have done, renewing my contract for another 12 months! (If you are with BT, beware that your contract is renewable every 12 months, unlike contract mobile phones, where you then go month by month, once the initial contract period ends). She "gave me the benefit of doubt" and said that they would refund the cancellation charge of £88.06 and I would receive a cheque credit of £4.93!! Woohoo!!! Louisa 1 - BT 0!!

So, I'm off for now, catch you all later in the week! Keep up the good work everyone!

Love, Weeza xxxx


  1. I hate BT, they are evil evil people out on this earth purely to get us mad!

    When ordering a telephone line 2 years ago in August, we finally got it installed in November!! And the cheeky buggers then wanted £125 install fee. Not likely I thought and got that refunded and £50 compensation :o)

    P.S thanks for the lovely comment you last on my blog, I haven't signed on for ages and only just seen it.

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