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Sunday, 30 December 2012

Post holiday post!!!

Well, got home tonight from holiday and weighed in... 6.5lbs on!!! To be expected considering I've eaten pizza, processed chicken, corned beef, fried breakfasts every day and then loaded up with wine and crisps!!

I can drop 4lbs this week, if I'm strict! Fortunately no big New Years party planned, just a quiet one with us and the Munkee!

I'm on "Mission Drop It" this week, that's for sure!!!

See you tomorrow, as I need to be back on track!!!

Weeza xx

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Sunday Weigh In and Holiday Time!!!!

Another 7lb star!!! 11st 10lbs!!! 3.2lbs off this week! I was 122 points over, but some of my tracking was a guess and I maybe over tracked, which isn't a bad thing!

Off on our holidays today, so firstly I'm happy to be the lowest weight I've been for 6 years and secondly, my arse won't spill out under the arm rests on the plane today!! Finally, I'm happy to be off on holiday!!!

Right, see you in a week!!

Weeza xxx

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Sunday - One Week to Holiday!!

So, after a bad week, I have another potential on coming up!! 2 nights in hotels and a Christmas meal that I mentioned before... Temptation all over the place, this is going to take willpower, and willpower alone, to get through this week! I can say anything I like about doing exercise, taking a DVD with me, but it never happens...

So, off to bed, all planned for tomorrow!!

Love, Weeza xx

Sunday Weigh In

Woken up early this morning, no idea why!! I've weighed in and yep, 1.4lbs on! Some of this will undoubtedly be water retention from the alcohol on Friday night! I can't get bent out of shape about it, there's no point, what's done is done and only I can be held accountable for it!! I'll stay off the booze, I'm not buying anymore, there's a bottle in the fridge if I fancy a glass, but will try the drink a glass of diet coke trick again this week!

We're on hols a week today, so one week to get that 1.4 off and another 1 if I can! I've got 2 hotel stays this week, prep is required, particularly as one is a spiff day and that means bad food and sandwiches!!! I have to really plan for that one! Plus I have a work meal on Friday, which I already ordered, so can track in advance and prepare for!!

Right, points back at zero, weekly allowance reset, off I go!!


Weeza xx

Saturday, 15 December 2012

End of Week 5...

Moscow all done!! I've drunk too much and make some shocking food choices as well! The New Year party was great, it was a spectacular!!!

I wore the red Phase Eight dress, size 14 (!) and it really looked good! Photo below!!

166 points over this week...

Hey ho!!

Love Weeza xx

Wednesday Week 5

I am in Russia!! I'm in Moscow to be precise! It's 5am, 1am UK time! I've tracked to my best ability for airplane food and/or airport food, might be over, may be under!! However, it's not looking good and I had 4 days of weekly allowance left!!! Oh my!!

I can't be here and expect to be an angel but the trip so far shows its not an easy one on points!! It's 5am here and I'm going to try to stay on UK time as best I can, as I'm only here for 3 days!!

Right, time to try to sleep!

Love Weeza xxx

Friday, 14 December 2012

Moscow Day 1

I have no idea if I've tracked right, so I've guessed! Knew it wouldn't be a good diet over here, so I'm not really surprised that I'm over!!

Off walking around the city today, so adding some activity points back!!

Weeza xx

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Tuesday Week 5

Not much tonight, fell asleep on the sofa and knackered! On track, used weekly PP's correctly, 28 left for week. Will attempt exercise tomorrow!

Weeza xxx

Monday, 10 December 2012

Monday Week 5

So, not too bad!! I'm filling up on veg so I'm struggling to eat anything else! I couldn't eat all the haggis tonight, managed two thirds of a 150g portion, which I was really surprised about!! I've had some wine tonight, I've used 2 activity points and 5 weekly ones tonight! I was a bit stressed about a bill that came in!! Hey ho, at least I have 44 weeklies left!! I'll try some skipping tomorrow, as I'm working from home, then I'm going to attempt 30 mins around the airport on Wednesday and the hotel gym on Thursday! I have the city tour on Friday, in sub zero temps!! Need those activity points!!!

Right, off to bed! Nite!

Weeza xxx

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Sunday Week 5

Today I did what I said I would, I drank diet coke every time I went to the fridge for wine!! It worked!! I only hope that I can keep it up!!

I've eaten tonnes today as well, black pudding, turkey slice and an omelette with mushrooms and spinach for breakfast, salad with 115g of king prawns for lunch and a chicken breast, sprouts, spinach and carrots for dinner. I had some fruit salad and half a pot of WW Greek yogurt for afters. I also had a pack of WW hula hoops, a WW chocolate bar and a Jaffa bar, plus my milk allowances and a Light Choices hot chocolate!!! Phew!!! I struggled to consume all 26 points! That's because there was ok alcohol involved! Hahahaha!!!

I'm all planned for tomorrow and lots of food there too!! I need to do the diet coke thing tomorrow night as well!! My stomach aches at the moment, probably due to a fruit and veg overload!! David stinks already, and the dog's had game in his food tonight, so heaven help anyone walking into our place tomorrow morning!!! ;)

I've been looking at where I'm staying this week in Moscow, for something to do on our 'free day' Thursday. We're in the Moscow World Trade Centre which has a mall, convenience store, pharmacy and a stack of restaurants in there! Hannah and I should be sorted!! There's also a river boat outside the hotel but I'd really like to see Gorky Park, depending on the freezing weather!!

Right, time for bed methinks, early start tomorrow for a day in the office!

Weeza xx

Sunday Weigh In Week 5

The Sunday weigh in, fifth week starting of writing the blog each day! 11st 11.4lbs today, which is a loss of 2.7lbs this week, I'm happy with that! I'm not going to hit goal by the end of the year, but I should be 2st off over the course of 2012, and I should really congratulate myself on that achievement!!

This week could be a challenge though! I need to buckle down hard at the beginning of the week, as I'll be in Moscow from Wednesday night to Saturday lunchtime! I'm going to the works Christmas party there, so all the big pitfalls face me! Alcohol and food! I know I'm weak when it comes to booze, so I need a PMA to get through! I'll have a proper look at the Places and Routines that WW have introduced and will try to adopt them this week!! I also need to save my weekly allowance for the party on Friday night!! I think I'll pack WW snacks as well, so I can nibble on them instead of the Pringles and nuts that are always I'm mini bar fridges!! I'm also going to try something else this week, when I reach for a glass of wine, I'm going to have diet coke instead... That should save a hell of a lot of points!!!

Right, mind set, off I go!!!

Weeza xxx

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Saturday Week 4

75 points over!! I think the lowest I've ever been over before is 91 so I'm kinda happy! ;) As long as there's a bit off tomorrow, I'll be happy!

Today I've not been great but tonight I've stopped drinking wine and I'm on diet coke!

Fingers crossed for the morning!!

Weeza xxx

Friday, 7 December 2012

Friday Week 4

Considering it could have been a total disaster, I'm quite proud how I pulled it back today!

Left too late for a proper breakfast so had a Jaffa bar and two WW cookies, but no time to stop to get lunch! So... I had 5 slices of pizza!!!! I didn't have dinner tonight, just a pack of plain chicken breast pieces and a little wine! So I'm 46 points over for the week. Still have tomorrow to go so need to have a complete on track day!!

Fingers crossed I get out with David and the dog for a walk tomorrow as well!!

Weeza xx

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Thursday Week 4

Better today! Managed to prepare well and even though I bought Krispy Kremes and big baps for the office I was at today, I abstained!! I did slip on the way home and had a Maccy D's though! 22 points over on a Thursday, been less on a Thursday before, then blown it massively on the Friday, now it's really about the self control....!!!

Came home to some beautiful flowers from David! I've had some wine but much less than usual! I'm off to bed in a minute, as I've got another long drive tomorrow, will have racked up 1000 miles this week, because I didn't stay up north! So although I've been home every night, I've done much more mileage, so I won't be doing that again... :(

Right, nite all!!

Weeza xxx

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Wednesday Week 4

Tired, so no words tonight! Ate poorly in Telford, didn't plan for lunch so ate what was on offer, mince pies, etc... Gone 10 points over... :(

Weeza xx

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Tuesday Week 4

Had a bad start to the day, IBS flare up, but managed an omelette this morning, 2 egg whites and a yolk with a mushroom! Had a chicken breast burger and fries for lunch and come dinner I wasn't hungry! Had a couple of vinos though!!

Still not over on points but on the road tomorrow, snacks in my handbag and porridge ready before I go! Will stop at M&S to get lunch!

Weeza xx

Monday, 3 December 2012

Monday Week 4

20 of the weekly left! Was so relaxed after what was a great Monday (seriously they hasn't happened for at least 6 months!), I had a few glasses of the First Cape 4% and did a bottle!!

Dinner was disgusting, roasted veg arrabiatta from Weight Watchers which I will never buy again! It's still repeating on me and tasted vile!!

Anyhow, day is done, I'm home all week, even if I am going to be in the car for hours, I don't want to stay over this week, I want to be at home!!

Off to the land of nod now!!!

Weeza xxx

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Sunday Week 4

Not a great start, but been worse! I have 3 days of completely on track or I'm off the wagon!! I need to get that pound back off! Breakfast and lunch are ready, dinner is too!! It's Monday tomorrow, which equals meeting hell in the office!!! ;)

Right, off to sleep as its late for a Sunday night!!!

Weeza xxx

Sunday Weigh In

Pound on... Looking back at the week I can absolutely see where it went wrong! On Wednesday I thought a little blow out wouldn't hurt, but I gave up and didn't care on Thursday, Friday and Saturday as well! 60 PP on Wednesday, 64 on Thursday, 68 on Friday and 80 yesterday! Boom! That's an average of 40.5 points over every day for 4 days.. :(

I need to avoid Costa, to plan ahead and get in exercise! Stress at work is a massive contributor to my eating and drinking over my points and only I can change that aspect...

So back to zero and start again...

Weeza xx

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Saturday Week 3

Lessons learnt this week:

Starbucks coffee is a PP killer
Tracking and planning works
I do have willpower
Stress makes me eat crap

I'm over for the week despite a great start, but survived a wedding without a catastrophe!!

Weigh in tomorrow, we'll see...


Weeza xx

Friday, 30 November 2012

Friday Week 3

All evening I've thought it was Saturday and it's Friday! Good in the way that I appear to get another day of the weekend, bad in the way that another day before my points reset! LOL!!

Over, but hey ho!!

Weeza xx

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Thursday Week 3

So, this is where it gets dangerous, I'm over the week and daily points and thinking hell, who cares and then stuffing my face and drinking (low alcohol) wine! Need to be very careful!!

I'm -19 PPs for the week, it's Thursday and we have the second wedding of this year on Saturday! I either do an immense amount of exercise tomorrow and Saturday morning, or it's game over completely!!!!

Going to be strict tomorrow and try to put some exercise in tomorrow night!!

Weeza xxx

Wednesday Week 3

Used some points from weekly on coffee, crisps and chocolate! Back on track tomorrow!!!

Weeza xx

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Tuesday - Week 3

Another miracle day!! Bang on the points and I got on the scales this morning and couldn't believe that I'm 2.6lbs off from Sunday's weigh in!! Now if that's not motivation, what is??

I'm away tomorrow, there's my danger point! I'm packed with a sandwich for breakfast, a couple of snacks, my measuring tub with my milk in it and a bottle of my low alcohol wine. I've planned my lunch on a stop at an M&S service station and dinner from a walk to Tesco on West St in Sheffield. I don't care if the lift is still broken either, as I will earn points walking up the stairs!

Right off to bed as I have a early start, going to Telford first then across to Chesterfield, just hope there isn't any floods on route!! :)

Weeza xx

Monday, 26 November 2012

Monday - Week 3

Erm, how did that happen???!! Bang on 26 points again!!!

Well, firstly, thank god the vending machine at work was broken, it avoided a near catastrophe!! Plus a turkey casserole leftovers frozen from last week, bulked out with veg for dinner! Lunch was non existent, a tub of spinach and rocket, plus a tray of melon, pineapple and mango, cos meetings overran and I didn't have time to heat my soup!

However, apart from nearly fainting from hunger at lunchtime (3 bloody PM), I've not felt hungry!

So, still 49 points of weekly allowance AND 4 from the walks yesterday! That is a miracle! Tomorrow tracked already!!


Weeza xxx

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Sunday - Week 3

Well, straight from Punch and Judy, "that's the way you do it"!! I've done the whole day, the WHOLE day, absolutely everything tracked, on 26 points!! My daily amount, the weekly untouched and 4 bonus points waiting from walking the dog twice today!! How good do I feel? Bloody amazing!! I've never done a day without using some of the weekly or bonus or going over all of it!

I've not felt hungry all day and I've even had 428ml of wine tonight! Tomorrow is tracked and food is in the fridge, ready to go! I'm optimistic, but not complacent! Although today has been great, if I take my foot off the gas, it will go wrong!

Right, bedtime!!

Weeza xxx

Sunday Weigh In - 25/11/12

Well, that was more by luck than judgement! Teeny tiny loss! 0.2lbs!

It's Sunday, everything back to zero, let's try again shall we?!!? Nothing happening this week that could cause a slip up! I'm away Wednesday night, but I can plan for that and this week I'm going to hotel not apartment, as I can't face the drive to Sheffield and back for the one night!

Ok, so I'm off for now, back later for a daily update!

Weeza xxx

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Saturday Night Update - Week 2 - Over....

So, pants week really - all round! David's not feeling great again, not his back or stomach this time, he's got a sore throat :( There's no Dequacaine anywhere in the country, so he's having to make do with Strepsils and they don't seem to work as well... I had a shite week at work and my diet suffered for it too! I've still not signed up for the gym either! I don't think this last stone will shift without exercise either!

I'm finishing the week over by 181 points, do prediction is on or the same... I know where it went wrong, the Baileys at the beginning of the week, which used all my weekly allowance in one go! I've said this before, and I can see it now, it's the downfall for the rest of the week! Plus, not tracking in advance, where I'm preparing the night before, or planning stops on the road to get what I've planned for, doesn't give me structure, which I need...

Well it's back to zero tomorrow morning and I'm planned for breakfast and looking for lunch and dinner once I've done this!

Back in the morning for the weigh in!

Weeza xxx

Friday, 23 November 2012

Friday Night Update - Week 2 - Oops...

Again, no Thursday night update, cos I forgot!! Been bad again, don't need to say it, you can see in the photo below...

It's the Sunday night killer which catastrophises the remainder of the week...

Back tomorrow
Weeza xxx

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Wednesday Night Update - Week 2 - All gone Pete Tong!!

No ifs no buts, it's buggered!! Too much wine, freebie breakfast eaten early, I'm buggered!!!

Everything on track this morning but off the wagon later... I'm a muppet and going to bed, dwelling on my failure.....

Weeza xxx

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Tuesday Night Update - Week 2 - Meh!!

Well, it did say in my stars that if I needed to 'let it out' today, then I should! So, I did!

I'm normally the caring & compassionate one, that takes everyone's feelings into account but very rarely I let go, where people are genuinely shocked! Today was one of those days!

I've been feeling this building up for a couple of weeks, mostly because people can be too lame to stand up and hold themselves accountable and I have to mop up the mess... Sigh... Every now and then I'll bring it back into check and people realise that I'm not their safety blanket all of the time... Today I couldn't give a toss if it was the Queen I was letting down!!

You know when it doesn't matter what you do, how many old ladies you help cross the road, how many animals you save from certain death, you know that it would be just your luck that the angels at the pearly gates are having a bad day and decide its you that's going to hell and not the mass murderer standing behind you in the queue... Well I obviously pissed the cosmos off today!!! Well, yesterday too if I'm honest!!

I think one of the problems is I've not had enough downtime this year. I've had the odd days off, but mostly to help out when needed, I've had a lot of stress this year, personally and at work and I've had just a week away since January! We're away in just over 5 weeks, but it can't come soon enough! I need some me, David and Munkee time...

Because I'm low, I let go tonight, I finished the Baileys and a bottle of low alcohol wine! I'd have stayed on track otherwise! Now I'm minus on a Tuesday! Minus 30 PP... Ok, so the Baileys didn't start it well on Sunday, but I've made it 10 times worse tonight, and I'm not sure if I don't care or if I'm pissed off!

I've an early start to drive to Chesterfield tomorrow morning, as I'm fed up with being away, so this is preferable! Back on Thursday night. I'm tracked through and have yoga and Pilates DVDs in my bag, we'll see...

Right, off to bed where I'll shout in my sleep again!! Nite!!

Weeza xx

Monday, 19 November 2012

Monday Night Update - Week 2 - Redeeming Feels Gooood!!!

Much, much better! In fact, so much better that I've used the day's 26PP & I can't eat anymore!!!

I went into the day with the day planned out. I took porridge for breakfast and Tuscan Minestrone WW soup for my lunch, and a caramel bar in my bag for the journey. My milk allowance was ready as well. I stopped at M&S in Didcot before going into work, to buy cakes for my birthday and I got some fruit as well., so I could snack on it. Apart from a small fork full of lemon drizzle cake (which I tracked), I resisted all temptation in the office and I'm really proud of myself!

I got home expecting left over pie from last night and David had eaten it all! Secretly I was a little pleased as the pastry accounted for quite a lot of PPs! So I had a WW Mexican Chili with potato wedges ready meal and the broccoli and squash left overs, just 6 PP! I even poured a glass of wine tonight and chucked it because I really didn't want it!

Anyway, happily going to sleep with the next 3 days all planned out! Night!

Weeza x

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Sunday Night Update - Week 2 - How to blow an entire week's allowance....

Drink half a litre of Baileys! When you think a "mouthful" is just a couple of tablespoons at a time, trust me, it's not!!! David just shone a torch at the bottle, as you can't see how much is left and there was only half left... Bitterly ashamed of myself! That's HALF A LITRE GONE!!!

What a moron.... I feel so flaming stupid!! 54 PPs on that! I've done my 26 for the day and 48 of the weekly allowance!!! I've gained a point in walking today, but I've used the whole of my week's allowance!!! Gone!!!

Right, so what do I usually do at this point? I give up for the rest of the week... I have to stay focused, I have to stay bang on track EVERY SINGLE DAY.... Exercise isn't necessarily my redeemer here, cos I can't guarantee that will happen, so it's down to food... I need to ensure I'm filling up on veg and fruit. I have one night away this week, so will find an apartment in Halifax and buy at M&S and Waitrose at the services on the way...

No alcohol, loads of veg & fruit and gallons of water!!!

Right, I'm off!! See you tomorrow!!

Weeza xxx

Sunday Weigh In...

Done it! Finally a weigh in, on my weigh I day, where I'm under 12 stone! Only by .6lbs, but it's significant to me!

Since I started, which is the photo of me in the white vest at 14st 4lbs, I've lost 2st 5lbs! The photo of me in the red dress is my birthday party, a year ago tomorrow, that's me at 13st 4lbs... The next photo is me at the wedding at the end of October, at 12st... And 3 weeks later and several works events, I've finally got into the 11's!!!

Still a stone to go, but I can do it, and I need to really stick to the effort now! My holiday is 5 weeks away, so possibly another 5lbs can go!

I think blogging every day this last week has helped, I certainly felt that sharing made me more accountable, even if no one is reading my blog... If you are, thank you, as you are my anonymous guardian angel!

See you later,
Weeza xx

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Saturday Night Update

Today's my birthday!!!! I've had a lovely lazy day :) We've been out for dinner tonight, but more on that in a minute!!

Started the day well, a turkey rasher, 2 bacon and a Light Choice sausage, plus my milk allowance. Then I was going to have left over casserole for lunch, but pizza was an option, so I had that!! 13PP!! I walked the dog whilst David was out with next door Nick, but he wasn't into it, so we took him out again... I earned 2PP, which is about 3 miles :)

We'd booked Bluebeckers in Chobham for dinner, I've never been before and it was lovely, but I ate waaaaaaaay too much! We had garlic bread whilst we were waiting, two slices of ciabatta each. I had half a baked Camembert with french bread slices for starter and then Cajun chicken burger for main, with chips, sour cream and salsa. There was guacamole as well, but I gave that to David as I'm not a fan! We shared a bottle of wine, but I also ordered a bottle of fizzy water so I could sip that instead of gulping the wine! Still all the bread and a massive slab of cheese, and I overdid it, even though I left the bread from the burger! No more wine though when I got home!

So, I'm ending the week at -91PP, nowhere near as bad as the last two weeks, but still not good! I have no excuses next week, no events and two overnights, both of which will be in apartments! I'm going to pack two suitcases this time, so they are lighter, can't guarantee that the lift will be fixed in Sheffield!

Anyway, see you in the morning for the weigh in!!

Weeza, Aged 41 :) xxx

Friday, 16 November 2012

Friday Night Update

No, I didn't forget about last night, I forgot to take my iPhone with me!! I was at the CRN Awards last night, and that involved champagne and wine!! I wasn't too bad though, all being said!

I hardly ate anything yesterday morning, just a light sausage, as I was going to Gaucho for lunch! I had the taster plate, 3 different cuts of the most delicious Argentinian steak imaginable!! No sides, but a good base for the alcohol to come later....

I had a vodka red bull whilst getting ready and a glass of spritzer at the bar before we all left. At the do, a couple of glasses of champagne followed by wine with dinner. I mixed the wine with fizzy water, but still had a few! Dinner was chicken breast, really nice and skinless too! I got to bed just after midnight!

This morning I woke up having a panic attack and couldn't breathe! I think possibly because there wasn't a window in the room that you could see out of, it was really high up. We all stayed at the Royal Horseguards Hotel, rack rates starting at £564 a night for a single room! I had breakfast and it wasn't great for a posh London hotel... I was feeling sick by the time I left at just gone 8, but I walked to Waterloo anyway. By the time I got home, I felt shocking and then launched breakfast down the loo!! All I ate all day was two slices of plain toast, when I managed to keep water down!! I had turkey for dinner, just a very plain casserole.

So, what's the numbers looking like?? I'm 58 over, not as bad as it could be, given the event on Tuesday and last night! It's my birthday tomorrow, so we going to Bluebeckers in Chobham for dinner! I'll go over more tomorrow, no doubt!!

Right, I'm nodding off whilst typing this, so I'll sign out and see you tomorrow!!

Weeza xxx

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Wednesday Night Update...

Blew it!!! Damn and blast and bugger!!! Now 5 over and unless I walk around London all day tomorrow, there is little chance of redemption! I have the awards tomorrow night and a Chinese the night after, I'm doomed!!!

Turkey rashers and eggs for breakfast, chicken Hot pot light ready meal for lunch and Guinness and steak pie for dinner, all healthy, all good... But add the graze box and the chocolate digestive and the WINE, and I had 39 points today :(

I'll be good during the days and save myself for the evenings, it's the best I can do!!!

Weeza xxx

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Tuesday Night Update...

Well, nearly blew it!!! Damn event food!! I planned so well, I made my porridge up and went down for a cigarette, knocked for Lianne as arranged but she wasn't well! She'd been up all night being sick! I went back down to reception and got her a late checkout so she didn't need to have to get up! However, I went to breakfast as a habit, completely forgetting about my porridge! I got back upstairs and realised! Idiot!! So that went in the bin!!

I got to the event and resisted the Danish pastries! Come 12:30 I ate the sandwich and felt really good about how well I was doing!! However... The food came out and I had to have a look! And I looked and I ate! A few salmon goujons, a chicken sandwich and a slice of a giant sausage roll plus a small mouthful of treacle tart! I tracked it there and then, and got depressed... 23 PP's plus the sandwich I'd eaten at 8 PP's! I have NO willpower!! So add that to the 10 PP's I had for breakfast (instead of the 6 for the porridge) of sausages, black pudding and scrambled eggs, and there's me at 33 PP's and over 6 for the days allowance and into the weekly... So at the end of the event I went back to the hotel and picked up Lianne. I was knackered as two nights bad sleep, a long drive and a boring long day made me incredibly tired, so I stopped to get a coffee on the way back to stay awake! A Costa vanilla latte, at 9 PP.... Bollox!

I got home and David had made the Thai curry I'd made a fuss about having when I got home! So I had that too! I feel like a pig!!!

So, where do I end the day??? At 58 PP for the day, which is 24 over the daily and weekly for the day, leaving just 5 of my weekly allowance :( I've grabbed 2 back from the walking I did at the event, so I have 7 PP for the week... I have to be so careful for the rest of the week, it's only flipping Tuesday! Eek!

Right, early night for me! See you tomorrow!

Weeza xxx

Monday, 12 November 2012

Monday Night Update...

Better, cos I planned!! I stayed on track and yes, had a couple of drinks but I'm still within the weekly PP's, in fact, one in the bank even!! Porridge for breakfast, a couple of WW digestives, soup for lunch with fruit and WW jelly, an M&S Count On Us salad for dinner with more fruit, plus skimmed milk measured out for the day! I'm set for tomorrow as well, with another porridge, a Fuller Longer sandwich for lunch and David's making a Thai curry for dinner!!

Fingers crossed I keep it up!!

Weeza xxx

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Sunday Night Update...

Well, at least I've remembered to do this!! Not too bad today, better than most Sundays! I've used 35PP today, which is my 27 daily and 8 from my weekly allowance. I was on track for 27, but I didn't stop at the 2 glasses of wine, I had a bottle (of 5%) which is the equivalent in volume of 2.5 bottle of lager/coke/etc. I'm 1PP over the weekly allowance, so need to bring that back into check tomorrow! I've planned meals for the next 2 days ahead, as I'm in Leeds for the final event on Tuesday... I will need to stop at M&S tomorrow to stock up!

Right, off to bed, where hopefully I'll fall asleep quickly, as I don't feel tired at the moment! David is down at his mum's tonight as she got the winter vomiting bug! She's 72, so needs looking after when she's this poorly! Hopefully she'll be fine come the morning :)

Night then! Love,
Weeza xxx