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Sunday, 27 September 2009

Let me explain my absence....

So, I'm a bad girl and didn't WI on Monday, I avoided it cos I knew that I'd been bad. I weighed myself yesterday and it's at 13st 3lbs, which is a 1lb gain... I made some apricot muffins last week, which were delicious, but contained buttermilk, a whole carton, which is never good! I ate too many of them as well... :-(

So, the resolve is to try REALLY hard next week. I wouldn't be surprised tomorrow, to see another 1lb, I haven't exercised for a week and finally had the motivation yesterday, but popped my back! It pops in and out occasionally and it's back in now, so I can do some exercise! Tomorrow I'm back at it with Maya and I've also bought a Pilates for weightloss DVD. I really do enjoy Pilates, but the DVD's I have require a wall, which isn't really practical in our house!

On the job front, lots of activities last week, 4 interviews and hopefully I'll hear tomorrow about one of them, Tuesday about another and I have a second interview on Wednesday. All good stuff, so hopefully I will be employed again soon!

Right, I'm off for now, we're going to take the dog for a walk and tonight is my friend James' boat launch. He's rowing solo across the Atlantic in a couple of months! Check out his site - www.atlanticadventurer.com.

Catch you all tomorrow!

Love Weeza xxxx

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  1. Good luck with the job interviews. Hope you get what you are looking for.