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Monday, 22 June 2009

Where do I start?!?!?!

Well, so much has happened in the last week I don't know where to begin!! So, firstly, I've resigned from my job. I've been with f5 for a little over 4 years, but I'm just not happy. After a lot of thinking and working out, I quit. I was put under consultation in February this year and I had a choice, redundancy or take a new role created in the Inside Sales team. I took the ISR role and in hindsight, I should have taken redundancy. I think that I took the new role out of love for the company that I was working for, not really thinking about the bigger picture. For the most part of the last 3 months, I've been bored and fed up. It's not me, I've never been one for sitting doing the same thing day after day after day, and I've proved it once and for all. I'm a problem solver and someone that thrives on working with others helping to work out deals. I found my niche at f5 as distribution sales manager and I've always felt that the new role was a step back. I've made the big jump and I'm leaving f5 on the 30th June, forever. Sad? A little, but very excited about new things ahead! I've got a couple of interviews lined up and there's some applications made, but nothing to go to and a little scary! I've got a bit of dosh put away, but it won't last forever!!

We went away in the caravan this weekend, with the dog, successfully! Stayed at East Fleet Farm in Chickerell, been a few times now and it's a great place. Peaceful and lots of walks. The idea was to go spearfishing, but an overcast Saturday morning, meant that plans weren't made in time for the sun that hit us in the afternoon! We had a walk around Portland and across the coast walk at Chickerell and took in some wonderful sea air! Love it down in that part of the world. We'll be going back soon!

I weighed in this morning, lost 2lbs from last week, now am 13st 4lbs, which is 2lbs under the weight that I started WeightWatchers in 2006! Three years and I've lost 2lbs (I'm conveniently forgetting the 10lbs that I've put on during that time as well!). The gym hasn't happened for a variety of reasons, mainly my back, but once I'm a "lady of leisure" I'll be able to go during the day or late mornings.

Bored you enough now, so signing off, catch you soon! xxxxx

Sunday, 14 June 2009


Most of you will know about my obsession with sausages, particularly those that I work with. When the snack truck used to come round in the morning, I would buy 2-3, sometimes 4 (if I was having a bad day), large sausages, like you get in a hot dog roll, only without the bread. Each of these amazingly tasty morsels were as greasy as hell and certainly not the low-fat variety, which was probably one of the early reasons for putting on weight. It was around the time that the snack truck arrived at the office, that I starting gaining weight. That and boozy lunches, eating the wrong foods with the wine and giving up any form of exercise! Anyway, back to the sausages. I found that Tesco do a low-fat sausage and they are actually very good, a plain pork version and more recently a Cumberland version. When I stopped being in the office full time and out on the road, I stopped eating so many sausages, and a treat now is the low fat ones. You can even fry them, as hardly any fat comes out, even if they are pricked all over. Imagine my delight, when I come home from work on Friday and David's bought a pack of Richmond sausages. Now these bad boys are so high in fat, they could probably clog your arteries in one sitting, but they taste like no other sausage! The ONLY way to cook them is in the George Foreman Lean Mean Fat Machine. You can see just how fatty they are, as when after they've cooked, the fat drip tray underneath is almost full of fat and juices. Before the days of the dog (who now consumes that fat with a frenzy), we let it solidify before scooping it out into the bin. Approximately 5 dessert spoons of fat for 8 sausages, which is disgusting! Still, even though they are Foreman'd, they are still incredibly high in fat. So, we had them on Friday and then guess what.... Another packet on Saturday morning! Jeez, not good! I'm now off sausages for the foreseeable future, as I need to wean myself back off them!

Other than that, the diet has been shocking! It's slipped badly, I've been hit and miss on the Alli, been better than usual with the booze though, which is good. However, after an amazing day of deals in the office on Friday, I bought 2 bottles of rose cava on the way home and as David doesn't really like it, I polished off one and a half myself!! A bit of a sore head the next morning, but nothing I couldn't handle!

On the exercise front, I've been wearing my pedometer religiously and maintaining the minimum 3800 steps or more. Today I've done 8438 steps, of which 1415 were aerobic (14 mins). I've rejoined Riverbourne gym, I've been once in the week since I joined, but I put my back out the day after I went and it's not been strong enough to go back. I went to yoga with Helen on Tuesday, first time in over 6 weeks, and my back was twinging a bit, so didn't risk the gym. However, going back tomorrow straight after work. I've also sorted out the menus for home for the week, so that I'm back on plan and I've got skimmed milk for the office again, as I'd started using semi-skimmed milk in the office. I've got salad stuff, pasta, rice and tuna in spring water, plus new potatoes as well for some substance to my salads!

Anyway, off for now, sorry it was a while again, I'll try to come back tomorrow night, to log if I've behaved and what the weigh in is!

Take care all
Weeza xxxx