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Monday, 30 July 2012

Hitting my stride....!

What a difference a week and some great friends makes! My food boredom seems to gone and I'm up to old tricks in the kitchen! A few days off had helped immensely too!

I made a healthy breakfast this morning, 2 Light Choices Cumberland sausages, one scrambled egg and mushrooms boiled in vegetable stock. For lunch I made the middle eastern couscous beef and had a Belgian chocolate Light Choices slice and then dinner I did roasted butternut squash with spicy season all on, broccoli and chicken breast with Philadelphia Light (half a mini tub in each breast), wrapped in a slice of Light Choices crumbed ham! I'm stuffed! I've had 350ml of skimmed milk, which is more than I normally would, but even with 2 glasses of low alcohol wine, I'm only at 32PP for the day!

I've tried to pull back today, as yesterday I screwed up by going over my daily PP and my daily allowance, by 8PP! So redeeming today will mean I'm almost back on track for the week! The pedometer is helping! I'm parking further away from where I'm going, so I can add steps! I'm listening out for the beeps to tell me I'm earning and then when I'm hitting exercise PP! I've added 4 this week, which has helped the redemption!

Exercise wise, I've had a book delivered for 15 minute workouts. I was going to start tonight, but as usual, my back's started twinging! I have 2 nights away this week (boo!), but it's apartment accommodation this time, so can exercise and eat properly! I've "discovered" Quorn again, which is so much better and easier to cook for me, as it's cooked from frozen and practically ready to go, no prep! Breakfast is ready, Danone 0% fat vanilla yogurt, 20g of muesli and a banana chopped into it.

Looking forward to the rest of the week, if not looking forward to going back to work!

Laters all,
Weeza xx

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Weigh in day...

I'm up early, on a Sunday! Went to bed early last night and my body has seemed to get into a routine of 7.5 hours and it's had enough sleep. So I got up! I actually prefer to get up early, as there's so much more day!

So, finished the week at -95PP but with 25PP for exercise, so that's probably why I managed to lose this week! Only a 1.2lb loss, but a loss is a loss! Now at 12st 8lbs! After suggestions from friends on the salad issue, I've bought some different things, like walnuts, celery, pears and apples to add to salad, plus a new honey and mustard dressing from Tesco which is from their Light Choices range. I've also bought some small cartons of orange juice to make the dressing that Michelle suggested. I've taken Christine's advice as well, and I'm not putting in everything I like into a salad, to mix it up each time, rather than the same every day!

I found an area on the Weight Watchers site yesterday as well, which is Quick Meals. Loads of breakfast and lunch ideas in there, that I can do easily when I have to go to work early and lunches I can make the night before! I'm off until Tuesday and then 2 nights away on Wednesday and Thursday, but I'm in an apartment, so I can take my time and make the right choices!

So, that's all for today, happy with the direction, and looking forward to another loss next weekend, if I stay on track! I've got 1st 8lbs to go, so I'm just over half way!

Weeza xx

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Proud to be British!

I'm up late this morning, as somehow we made it to 1am this morning, watching the London 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony! Watching the comments on Facebook as it was happening, people had very mixed views of it! The younger generation seemed to think it was boring, whilst the older thought it was patriotic and great! My view? I don't think many of us would have understood the first part, with the green fields and then the industrial revolution without the commentary, but when you knew were it was going, it made sense and really was quite spectacular! The rings being lifted into the air was phenomenal! I felt a real sense of pride of the fact that we have a National Health Service (shame that the government is trying to screw it up, but that's a whole other debate), most other countries don't get free healthcare as a standard, no matter what your class or status, it's something that's pretty unique to our shores! Using NHS staff and patients was a brilliant idea, these people are true heroes!

During the ceremony, I ploughed myself through 2 bottles of vino, sparkling 5% though, so not so bad, but more than I should have! We had a barbie for dinner last night and I had 2 drumsticks and a wing, with a corn on the cob, which was very restrained! I finished the carpets yesterday as the Rug Doctor had to go back, which was hard work as I was still knackered from doing them the day before! I fell asleep at 3 and woke up at 4:30! I'm over on PP's this week, 70 over but with 23 for activity (so would have been 93 over without the exercise!). I shouldn't have, as tomorrow will tell a different tale, but got on the scales and I'm at 12st 7.8lbs! My pedometer freaked out again yesterday, I think it's resetting when it gets to earning, so I'm going to wear it in a different place today, so I don't accidentally push buttons!

Anyway, a sausage sandwich beckons, so off for now!

Weeza x

Thursday, 26 July 2012

The scales...

All good news!! So, new scales finally arrived today! Bearing in mind they should have arrived Monday, bloody Home Delivery Network fails again! I'm an Amazon Prime member and ordering on a Saturday, means a Monday delivery. Fine, except I've apparently been out, then it's an incorrect address, then the whole order disappears, then today, they are delivered to a neighbour even though we were both in! Bloody marvellous!

Anyway, I digress! So, I bought a new set of scales as I wasn't convinced that ours were right after the last trip to the doctor... I've bought a pair of Salter scales, as they came out highest in user reviews, plus they've been around for 125 years, so they must be getting it right! After a set up, I got on, middle of the day, fully clothed (well lightweight combats and a vest top, I was cleaning the carpets!) and I was under my unclothed weight from yesterday! Now, you'll remember from yesterday that I'm way over my PP allowance for the week, and I've only done exercise today, so that doesn't count. My new scales are telling me that I'm actually about another 2lbs off! We'll see tomorrow, I'm going to weigh in first thing, plus note my BMI, H2O and muscle mass, as they are measured too!

My pedometer buggered up on day one, or rather I buggered it up! I managed to reset it just as I hit the earning points phase, so it started from scratch! Nearly at 6000 steps/2.65 miles on the second "trip". I've been using a Rug Doctor most of the day,so I've put down 3 hours of slow walking, cos that's how long I've been traipsing up and down the house in 30+ degree heat, cleaning the carpets! Still have the lounge to do tomorrow, so there's another hour and a half, plus I'm going to do the hall again! For 30 quid for 48 hours, I can seriously recommend one of these! I've never seen so much crap come out of a carpet! It was so gross, I had to clean the bath where I'd been emptying it into! Eeuuuuwwwwwwwww!

Any who... Off now, catch y'all tomorrow!

Love Weeza xxx

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Bleurgh and blah blah...

Salad is boring, FACT! Plus it makes me sleepy in the afternoon! I have no imagination for what to replace it with, that's quick and easy for lunch.... So I'm in a dilemma... I've ruined this week completely cos I'm bored! Lack of motivation, lack of interest! There's the bleurgh!

It's hot this week too, which please don't think I'm moaning about. I love the heat, 3 weeks a year in Thailand, I must love it, but I'm drained and don't want to exercise! So there's the blah blah!

My ProPoints kitchen scales and pedometer arrived today, well I went to the post office to collect them, so maybe that will help? I can weigh things to get the right PP values, and the pedometer will monitor how many steps I do and when I'm over the necessary starting amount, will count PP's for exercise, so a bit of motivation perhaps?

Anyway, currently 4 days in to the week and -43 PP, so bleurgh and blah blah! 5 days off now and carpet cleaning in 30 degrees C temperature tomorrow, so please let that add to some PP's back!

Love, Weeza xx

Monday, 23 July 2012

Another disaster....!

I had a bad day yesterday, but I was "food bored" as I told the other half! The answer we came up with was dim sum from the local oriental shop! A lesson well learned here, is if something is 1PP on its own, don't assume 10 equals 10PP! It didn't, it was 13!! Add in the halloumi on the BBQ with lamb and I'm not just over my PP for the day, but over on my allowance as well! 54PP consumed yesterday, when it should've been no more than 35... :0( I have 26PP of my weekly allowance left and that includes the 3 I gained in exercise!

So, today, it's back to basics and staying on track!

New scales arrive today, I'm not convinced the old ones are acurate anymore, I think they are telling me too little. They are 6 years old and have been used A LOT!

Off to the office now, it's going to be a hot one! Have a great day all!

Love, Weeza xx

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Heading in the right direction!!

So, after the blip that resulted in the 3.2lb gain on my last weigh in, making the concerted effort last week paid off! 4.5lbs off this week, so down now to 12st 9.2lbs! I was 48 ProPoints over for the week, but that's the least I've ever been over! Got to say, I'm very motivated at the moment, because I'm seeing a loss, and the biggest loss since I started "trying" to lose weight three years ago! 

I've just gone back to my very first post on here, back in April 2009 and looked at the picture I posted. I was 14st 4lbs then, so I'm now 1.5st off that weight! 

The original photo on the top,  today underneath...
I can see it in my face mostly, still a way to go, but I'm pleased so far! 

On the exercise front, tried out the Davina Ultimate workout yesterday, managed the warm up and 10 minutes of the fat blasting workout and then had to give up and do the cool down, but it's a start! Did a 45 minute walk with Munkee and David this morning, and will give the DVD another go later today. It's going to be hot this week, so swimming might be in order :)

Anyway, off to enjoy the blue skies and sunshine now! 

Have a great Sunday! 
Weeza xx

Friday, 20 July 2012

I take it back!!

Scales are showing I'm off 5lbs this week, but not such a great day yesterday... I'm over on my weekly points, but I need to add in some exercise to redeem it! Hopefully a long walk tomorrow with David and the dog will give some back!

I did notice yesterday though, that a pair of tights I bought a couple of months ago, were too loose! Kept having to pull them up as they were wrinkling around my knees! I also wore a skirt I bought well over a year ago and it was loose-ish!

Overall, pleased again, and feel motivated! It's always nice when someone notices you're losing weight too, which someone did yesterday! Given me another boost! :0)

Off to the office this morning, so another 2/3 hour round trip in the car! Can't wait to have a lie in tomorrow!

See you soon!

Weeza xx

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Still on track!

Jumped on the scales this morning and noted that my weightloss has slowed, but two things... Firstly, I shouldn't get on the scales every day! Second, I realised that before when I've weighed myself every day, I've put on, then lost, then put on again, because I've not stayed on track!

Really shouldn't be so hard on myself, as I've actually lost the 3lbs on last week, and it is only Thursday! Plus I've done diddly squat exercise, so shouldn't be surprised! Finally, if this is to work this time, and stay off for good, the weightloss should be slow and steady, as if I do it fast, it's a known fact it will go back on as quick as it came off, plus some!

Off to gatwick this morning for an event, so better fly!

Laters peeps,

Weeza xx

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Back on track...?

Yesterday I struggled to consume my points allowance! David made a Thai last night, which I'd allowed a whole lot more points for, but he'd made it even healthier! We stopped using coconut milk quiet a while ago, and have been using semi-skimmed milk and light Philadelphia, just one mini tub. Last night, he didn't use the Phili at all and only half a mug of milk! The taste was actually much better! He used the chicken I'd cooked the night before, so didn't need to add any oil either! All the veg was fresh and crunchy, just like it is in Thailand! I had a very small portion of rice, and was stuffed afterwards!

I'd had a cheese and ham sandwich and a banana for breakfast, then half a WW quiche with salad for lunch, with a WW mini chocolate roll. After dinner I had another chocolate mini roll and a WW Belgian slice. I popped into Tesco to grab some more salad stuff and picked up 4 cans of vodka and diet coke, so used my allowance of 7PP for the day too. I'm running at 29PP on the weekly allowance left, so that's 5 days to use, 5.8 per day. I've calculated my food for today and I'm bang on 28PP for today, with none of the weekly allowance used. Great stuff!

All I need to do now, is add the exercise in! My hip was bad yesterday, a knock on from all the driving I've done in the last few days, but seems easier this morning, so may attempt the gym later! We'll see as I have a trip to Bromley today, so more driving!

Enough for now, see you soon!

Love, Weeza x

Monday, 16 July 2012

No surprise...

As predicted, yesterday's weigh in was 3lbs on.... Back on the wagon yesterday and despite a McDonald's for tea (as we were out and Sunday's are usually blow out day anyway), I was still in the 28PP plus the 7PP bonus for the day! Scales this morning are 2lb off, so should come back down to the 12st 9lb this week, if I stay on track! I'm home all week, so home cooked all the way! Breakfast and lunch are ready for the day, along with a milk allowance so I don't blow it on latte's in the office! Signing off for now, off to the office! Laters, Lou xx

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Why I don't stay in hotels anymore...

This week I've been back in Telford for two nights, which means a hotel stay. I remember now why I don't stay in hotels! It's impossible for me to eat healthily as I can't cook there! The food in the Holiday Inn at Telford Ironbridge is unbelievably unhealthy! Let's start with breakfast... I thought a healthy option of scrambled eggs would be ok, only to find out that along with the 48 eggs the "chef" cracks in to the mixing bowl, he adds EIGHT PINTS of WHOLE MILK!!! I watched him mix it! Why do people put milk in scrambled eggs for heaven's sake? On checking the mushrooms, I found them swimming in oil, again WRONG!! So that was a bad start on morning one... I needed to eat that night, so went for the best option I could see, homemade thick cut chips, gammon (filling option) and poached eggs, was ok! Still not what I would have made myself! So, with the other factors incorporated with being away, I'm 138 points over this week! Quick jump on the scales this morning and I've gained 3lbs, very disappointing... I'm attempting to redeem myself a little today, but can guarantee there won't be a leap for joy weighing in tomorrow... :0( I'm not away with work again now until the first week of August, and that's going to be back to Chesterfield, so I can stay in an apartment again! Despite the fact that the nearest serviced apartment to my new customer in Telford is 45 minutes away, I will be looking into that for the future. It still beats the 5 hour journey I had home from there yesterday! ;0) Back into rhythm now for the next 2 weeks, plus a few days off at the end of July, with lots of walking planned! Back tomorrow with the week's result, but not holding out much hope! Weeza :0) xx

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Well, well, well... No surprises, another year has gone by and I haven't posted! There's a difference though this time... I'm finally under the 13 stone mark! Much jubilation on Sunday when I got my 10% star from Weight Watchers! Currently weighing in at 12st 10lbs, which is the lightest I've been for 6 bloody long years! I remember the day I got on the scales and they'd tipped to 13st! Mum was on the phone to my aunt and was laughing! What's changed to make the weight go down? Not really sure! I've swung between 13 and 14st for a year, then lost half a stone when I got back from our annual trip to Thailand in January, but put on 2lbs, lost 2lbs, stuck in a yo-yo... I started using an app on my iPad, Tactio, in May and that kick started me again, but still yo-yoing until 2 weeks ago. I like my wine (what middle aged woman doesn't!!), but Stowells brought out a 5.5% range, which I've been making spritzers with carbonated water. I was consistently going three or four days worth of ProPoints each week, including using my weekly allowance, so there's where I was going wrong. The last 2 weeks I've gone over, but by much less! This week, I've stayed much more on track, but I need to incorporate exercise now! I'm away on business for 2 nights this week, so I'm packing my swimsuit and trainer as there's a pool and gym at the hotel :0) So, another 2lbs this week will keep me on track and I'll have less than half way to goal! Thanks for listening and back soon! Weeza xx