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Saturday, 2 April 2011

Oops, it's been another while!!

Hi all,

Again, it's been nearly another year since I posted! One big change is that Weight Watchers changed the Points system to the new Pro Points system, which is working much better for me! There's a number of people that I work with, who are finding the new system works really well for them as well!

I put real effort in over the last few weeks, and I've lost a stone since we got back from Thailand in January! I bought a treadmill last year, which although I've not used it regularly, I've used it more this year than I did before! I'm doing the Race for Life in June, for Cancer Research (if you fancy donating, the link is http://www.raceforlifesponsorme.org/louisamaskell1971).

I think that there's a strong possibility that this week, I'll have either put a pound or two on, or at the very least, stayed the same weight! I've had a bad week, 3 KFC's in one week! It's all work related, and I should have abstained, but it was convenient! I did earn myself 13 ProPoints at go-karting yesterday! I hurt all over.....!

Anyway, if I can get Blogger to work on my Android, I'll be posting more often, just like I log my ProPoints every time I put food or drink in my mouth on my App on there!

So, good luck to all the other weightloss bloggers this week and see you (hopefully) tomorrow, when I do the weigh-in!

Weeza x