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Thursday, 19 July 2012

Still on track!

Jumped on the scales this morning and noted that my weightloss has slowed, but two things... Firstly, I shouldn't get on the scales every day! Second, I realised that before when I've weighed myself every day, I've put on, then lost, then put on again, because I've not stayed on track!

Really shouldn't be so hard on myself, as I've actually lost the 3lbs on last week, and it is only Thursday! Plus I've done diddly squat exercise, so shouldn't be surprised! Finally, if this is to work this time, and stay off for good, the weightloss should be slow and steady, as if I do it fast, it's a known fact it will go back on as quick as it came off, plus some!

Off to gatwick this morning for an event, so better fly!

Laters peeps,

Weeza xx

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