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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Back on track...?

Yesterday I struggled to consume my points allowance! David made a Thai last night, which I'd allowed a whole lot more points for, but he'd made it even healthier! We stopped using coconut milk quiet a while ago, and have been using semi-skimmed milk and light Philadelphia, just one mini tub. Last night, he didn't use the Phili at all and only half a mug of milk! The taste was actually much better! He used the chicken I'd cooked the night before, so didn't need to add any oil either! All the veg was fresh and crunchy, just like it is in Thailand! I had a very small portion of rice, and was stuffed afterwards!

I'd had a cheese and ham sandwich and a banana for breakfast, then half a WW quiche with salad for lunch, with a WW mini chocolate roll. After dinner I had another chocolate mini roll and a WW Belgian slice. I popped into Tesco to grab some more salad stuff and picked up 4 cans of vodka and diet coke, so used my allowance of 7PP for the day too. I'm running at 29PP on the weekly allowance left, so that's 5 days to use, 5.8 per day. I've calculated my food for today and I'm bang on 28PP for today, with none of the weekly allowance used. Great stuff!

All I need to do now, is add the exercise in! My hip was bad yesterday, a knock on from all the driving I've done in the last few days, but seems easier this morning, so may attempt the gym later! We'll see as I have a trip to Bromley today, so more driving!

Enough for now, see you soon!

Love, Weeza x

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