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Friday, 20 July 2012

I take it back!!

Scales are showing I'm off 5lbs this week, but not such a great day yesterday... I'm over on my weekly points, but I need to add in some exercise to redeem it! Hopefully a long walk tomorrow with David and the dog will give some back!

I did notice yesterday though, that a pair of tights I bought a couple of months ago, were too loose! Kept having to pull them up as they were wrinkling around my knees! I also wore a skirt I bought well over a year ago and it was loose-ish!

Overall, pleased again, and feel motivated! It's always nice when someone notices you're losing weight too, which someone did yesterday! Given me another boost! :0)

Off to the office this morning, so another 2/3 hour round trip in the car! Can't wait to have a lie in tomorrow!

See you soon!

Weeza xx

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