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Thursday, 26 July 2012

The scales...

All good news!! So, new scales finally arrived today! Bearing in mind they should have arrived Monday, bloody Home Delivery Network fails again! I'm an Amazon Prime member and ordering on a Saturday, means a Monday delivery. Fine, except I've apparently been out, then it's an incorrect address, then the whole order disappears, then today, they are delivered to a neighbour even though we were both in! Bloody marvellous!

Anyway, I digress! So, I bought a new set of scales as I wasn't convinced that ours were right after the last trip to the doctor... I've bought a pair of Salter scales, as they came out highest in user reviews, plus they've been around for 125 years, so they must be getting it right! After a set up, I got on, middle of the day, fully clothed (well lightweight combats and a vest top, I was cleaning the carpets!) and I was under my unclothed weight from yesterday! Now, you'll remember from yesterday that I'm way over my PP allowance for the week, and I've only done exercise today, so that doesn't count. My new scales are telling me that I'm actually about another 2lbs off! We'll see tomorrow, I'm going to weigh in first thing, plus note my BMI, H2O and muscle mass, as they are measured too!

My pedometer buggered up on day one, or rather I buggered it up! I managed to reset it just as I hit the earning points phase, so it started from scratch! Nearly at 6000 steps/2.65 miles on the second "trip". I've been using a Rug Doctor most of the day,so I've put down 3 hours of slow walking, cos that's how long I've been traipsing up and down the house in 30+ degree heat, cleaning the carpets! Still have the lounge to do tomorrow, so there's another hour and a half, plus I'm going to do the hall again! For 30 quid for 48 hours, I can seriously recommend one of these! I've never seen so much crap come out of a carpet! It was so gross, I had to clean the bath where I'd been emptying it into! Eeuuuuwwwwwwwww!

Any who... Off now, catch y'all tomorrow!

Love Weeza xxx

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