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Saturday, 14 July 2012

Why I don't stay in hotels anymore...

This week I've been back in Telford for two nights, which means a hotel stay. I remember now why I don't stay in hotels! It's impossible for me to eat healthily as I can't cook there! The food in the Holiday Inn at Telford Ironbridge is unbelievably unhealthy! Let's start with breakfast... I thought a healthy option of scrambled eggs would be ok, only to find out that along with the 48 eggs the "chef" cracks in to the mixing bowl, he adds EIGHT PINTS of WHOLE MILK!!! I watched him mix it! Why do people put milk in scrambled eggs for heaven's sake? On checking the mushrooms, I found them swimming in oil, again WRONG!! So that was a bad start on morning one... I needed to eat that night, so went for the best option I could see, homemade thick cut chips, gammon (filling option) and poached eggs, was ok! Still not what I would have made myself! So, with the other factors incorporated with being away, I'm 138 points over this week! Quick jump on the scales this morning and I've gained 3lbs, very disappointing... I'm attempting to redeem myself a little today, but can guarantee there won't be a leap for joy weighing in tomorrow... :0( I'm not away with work again now until the first week of August, and that's going to be back to Chesterfield, so I can stay in an apartment again! Despite the fact that the nearest serviced apartment to my new customer in Telford is 45 minutes away, I will be looking into that for the future. It still beats the 5 hour journey I had home from there yesterday! ;0) Back into rhythm now for the next 2 weeks, plus a few days off at the end of July, with lots of walking planned! Back tomorrow with the week's result, but not holding out much hope! Weeza :0) xx


  1. Hi Louisa

    My names Nigel I'm the Food and Beverage Manager at the Telford Whitehouse Hotel.

    I came across your blog and hearing about your stay at the Holiday Inn I wanted to make a suggestion.

    Staying in a hotel should be a more enjoyable process for you, never should you feel you HAVE to eat what is on the menu, we as hoteliers are in this job to to do what we can for our guests so that they will return in the future. Chefs try to tailor for everyone but don't always get it right.

    As a guest if there is anything that you would like that isn't on the menus then speak to the waitress, generally if a hotel has the ingredients in the kitchen then they can cook it, or if you liked the sound of a certain dish but would like it steamed rather than grilled or fried then nine times out of ten the chef will be more than happy to do it. We have many guests stay with us who change the menu to suit their diets and allergies, it is never a problem.

    Also at breakfast, ask the chef to do a separate scrambled egg for you without milk or request poached eggs you may have to wait a few minutes but you will certainly get a healthier option.

    My apologies for posting on your blog but I thought you may enjoy hotels in the future more if I added my suggestions.

    Many thanks and good luck with the dieting.

    1. Thanks Nigel, I really appreciate your comment! I'll definitely do that in the future! My preference is serviced apartments, as a lone female traveller, but should I have difficulty in booking, I will return and give you guys another go!