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Monday, 30 July 2012

Hitting my stride....!

What a difference a week and some great friends makes! My food boredom seems to gone and I'm up to old tricks in the kitchen! A few days off had helped immensely too!

I made a healthy breakfast this morning, 2 Light Choices Cumberland sausages, one scrambled egg and mushrooms boiled in vegetable stock. For lunch I made the middle eastern couscous beef and had a Belgian chocolate Light Choices slice and then dinner I did roasted butternut squash with spicy season all on, broccoli and chicken breast with Philadelphia Light (half a mini tub in each breast), wrapped in a slice of Light Choices crumbed ham! I'm stuffed! I've had 350ml of skimmed milk, which is more than I normally would, but even with 2 glasses of low alcohol wine, I'm only at 32PP for the day!

I've tried to pull back today, as yesterday I screwed up by going over my daily PP and my daily allowance, by 8PP! So redeeming today will mean I'm almost back on track for the week! The pedometer is helping! I'm parking further away from where I'm going, so I can add steps! I'm listening out for the beeps to tell me I'm earning and then when I'm hitting exercise PP! I've added 4 this week, which has helped the redemption!

Exercise wise, I've had a book delivered for 15 minute workouts. I was going to start tonight, but as usual, my back's started twinging! I have 2 nights away this week (boo!), but it's apartment accommodation this time, so can exercise and eat properly! I've "discovered" Quorn again, which is so much better and easier to cook for me, as it's cooked from frozen and practically ready to go, no prep! Breakfast is ready, Danone 0% fat vanilla yogurt, 20g of muesli and a banana chopped into it.

Looking forward to the rest of the week, if not looking forward to going back to work!

Laters all,
Weeza xx

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