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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Bleurgh and blah blah...

Salad is boring, FACT! Plus it makes me sleepy in the afternoon! I have no imagination for what to replace it with, that's quick and easy for lunch.... So I'm in a dilemma... I've ruined this week completely cos I'm bored! Lack of motivation, lack of interest! There's the bleurgh!

It's hot this week too, which please don't think I'm moaning about. I love the heat, 3 weeks a year in Thailand, I must love it, but I'm drained and don't want to exercise! So there's the blah blah!

My ProPoints kitchen scales and pedometer arrived today, well I went to the post office to collect them, so maybe that will help? I can weigh things to get the right PP values, and the pedometer will monitor how many steps I do and when I'm over the necessary starting amount, will count PP's for exercise, so a bit of motivation perhaps?

Anyway, currently 4 days in to the week and -43 PP, so bleurgh and blah blah! 5 days off now and carpet cleaning in 30 degrees C temperature tomorrow, so please let that add to some PP's back!

Love, Weeza xx


  1. Hello weeza,
    I have an idea for salads, as I find it tricky to make them interesting too. I have one that is spinach leaves, pear,gorgonzola and pine nuts, or another one that I use baby spinach leaves and any others you like, small orange segments, toasted walnuts and feta cheese crumbed in, with a dressing made of balsamic vinegar, olive oil and orange juice, it's gorgeous and I have a jacket potato with it with tiny bit of reduced fat sour cream.
    Good luck with it, I'll keep track of your blog and progress?
    Michelle Calder

    1. Thanks hunny! I love the dressing idea, plus I'd forgotten about adding pear or apple! Gonna give that a try today! Xxx