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Saturday, 28 July 2012

Proud to be British!

I'm up late this morning, as somehow we made it to 1am this morning, watching the London 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony! Watching the comments on Facebook as it was happening, people had very mixed views of it! The younger generation seemed to think it was boring, whilst the older thought it was patriotic and great! My view? I don't think many of us would have understood the first part, with the green fields and then the industrial revolution without the commentary, but when you knew were it was going, it made sense and really was quite spectacular! The rings being lifted into the air was phenomenal! I felt a real sense of pride of the fact that we have a National Health Service (shame that the government is trying to screw it up, but that's a whole other debate), most other countries don't get free healthcare as a standard, no matter what your class or status, it's something that's pretty unique to our shores! Using NHS staff and patients was a brilliant idea, these people are true heroes!

During the ceremony, I ploughed myself through 2 bottles of vino, sparkling 5% though, so not so bad, but more than I should have! We had a barbie for dinner last night and I had 2 drumsticks and a wing, with a corn on the cob, which was very restrained! I finished the carpets yesterday as the Rug Doctor had to go back, which was hard work as I was still knackered from doing them the day before! I fell asleep at 3 and woke up at 4:30! I'm over on PP's this week, 70 over but with 23 for activity (so would have been 93 over without the exercise!). I shouldn't have, as tomorrow will tell a different tale, but got on the scales and I'm at 12st 7.8lbs! My pedometer freaked out again yesterday, I think it's resetting when it gets to earning, so I'm going to wear it in a different place today, so I don't accidentally push buttons!

Anyway, a sausage sandwich beckons, so off for now!

Weeza x

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