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Sunday, 22 July 2012

Heading in the right direction!!

So, after the blip that resulted in the 3.2lb gain on my last weigh in, making the concerted effort last week paid off! 4.5lbs off this week, so down now to 12st 9.2lbs! I was 48 ProPoints over for the week, but that's the least I've ever been over! Got to say, I'm very motivated at the moment, because I'm seeing a loss, and the biggest loss since I started "trying" to lose weight three years ago! 

I've just gone back to my very first post on here, back in April 2009 and looked at the picture I posted. I was 14st 4lbs then, so I'm now 1.5st off that weight! 

The original photo on the top,  today underneath...
I can see it in my face mostly, still a way to go, but I'm pleased so far! 

On the exercise front, tried out the Davina Ultimate workout yesterday, managed the warm up and 10 minutes of the fat blasting workout and then had to give up and do the cool down, but it's a start! Did a 45 minute walk with Munkee and David this morning, and will give the DVD another go later today. It's going to be hot this week, so swimming might be in order :)

Anyway, off to enjoy the blue skies and sunshine now! 

Have a great Sunday! 
Weeza xx

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