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Saturday, 4 August 2012

Will I? Won't I?

Been a busy bee this week! Had an epic Wednesday with a drive first to Telford and then onto Chesterfield, so all in, just under 6 hours driving! Then I had an apartment booked in Sheffield for two nights. I'd booked a one bed apartment, but got a 2 bed penthouse! It was lovely and on the 6th floor, so a great view too! I hadn't taken any provisions with me this time, so I walked to the Tesco Metro on West Street, which was about a quarter of a mile. It pissed down there and back! Got me moving a bit faster though! I opted for bananas, microwaveable veggies and WW meals, as I couldn't be bothered to do any cooking!

Wednesday night was peaceful, watched half of The Best Marigold Hotel, then went to bed. Thursday was busy and a tough day. I had a WW meal and a few glasses of low alcohol spritzer in the evening at the apartment whilst working, caught up with Eastenders on iPlayer on the TV (gotta get me an Internet TV!), saw the last half of the film and crashed! Friday was appalling in the morning. I felt flat and useless... Thursday had battered me and then Friday morning didn't get much better! I also had a 3 hour drive to the work's summer party in Abingdon ahead. I nearly didn't go, I was in that kind of mood! However, I did go, and won Employee of the Month (I knew about that one already), but somehow I also won the team incentive for July, which was a mini moto! Whoop!

On the drive south, I pigged as I was low, and consumed a McDonalds and a whole packet of wine gums... Not good... Took me 24 PP over my daily/weekly allowance and I felt even worse! I then consumed a bottle of low alcohol wine... I managed 1PP on the pedometer though! Today, I've been good! 4PP on the pedometer and good on the food front. I've been scouring the WW cookbooks and made an awesome dinner! Medallion steaks, with blue cheese sauce (25g Stilton, 2 tbsp 0% fat Greek yoghurt and 1 tsp of creme fraiche), homemade potato wedges and broccoli! Mmmmmmm!

So, will I or won't I have lost this week....? The scales will tell in the morning...

Off to have a nice hot soak, so back tomorrow for the weigh in results!

Weeza xxx


  1. You need to keep some chopped celery, carrots and cauliflower to pig out on in the car, they used to be 0 points on the old ww counter.

  2. Excellent idea! Thank you! They are still zero points!