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Saturday, 18 August 2012

Feed a cold, starve a fever....

The post title is an old saying, one that I remember my Mum using, but I can't remember why! However, it kind of encapsulates how I felt this week! I was off work on Wednesday but back in the office on Thursday! No time to be ill! I'm still snotty (lovely!!) and today's going to be a scorcher, so breathing might be a challenge today!

Anyway, I've not been vigilant with my food intake this week, I had a cant be arsed week! I'm way over on points, but I'll get back on track next week! I can't exercise whilst I feel like shit, not even using the pedometer!!! So, I'll have to up the ante next week! Weight on tomorrow, expecting a pound or two on... :0(

Hey ho, I'm going to do sweet FA today, might join D and Munkee for a walk tomorrow, see how I feel!

See you tomorrow!

Weeza xx

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