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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Hotels again....

Another nuts week for travel! I'm in Basingstoke today, then driving to Chesterfield for the night, morning in Chesterfield tomorrow, then Derby to do some training. Then I'm across to Birmingham for the night, then there for another call out! Back home, then Abingdon Friday morning and then back to Woking for the afternoon! Next week is worse, so hopefully we can find a new car at the weekend, my old jalopy isn't going to take much more!

I'm in hotels for two nights, so I have to think this week. I'm probably going to have salads in the evening, stuff that's pre-packed from Tesco, with chicken from the chilled counter, so I don't go to the restaurant in the hotels! Lunches are easier, as I can eat at the offices I'm working from. The hotel tonight has a pool, but I won't get there til late, so not sure I'll get to use it, costume is packed anyway...

Wish me luck, will power required this week, let's see...! :0)

Weeza x

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