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Monday, 14 September 2009


Well, got on the scales today for WI and was seriously expecting a STS, but got the flaming shock of my life!!! 2lbs OFFFFFFFFFFFF!! That takes me to 13st 2lbs (184lbs)! I'm so, so, so, so happy!! Gives me all the more motivation to work hard and get down to the 12's for next week!

I tried on a pair of jeans yesterday as well, that I haven't worn for ages and I bought when I was at my biggest (14st odd) and am very pleased to report that they are going to the charity shop! They were hanging off me and even with a belt, not a chance! All bunched up! The pictures on the fridge are helping too, I see them going in and out of the kitchen and when I go near the fridge, bread bin, biscuit box, etc.!

I'm totally over the moon this morning and am now off to do half an hour with Maya (My Fitness Coach on the Wii)...

Catch you all later in the week and those that also have a WI today, all the best, I know that you'll all do really well!

Weeza xxx

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  1. Hi Weeza - Thanks for the kind words on my blog. They're much appreciated as we sit here and figure out how to pack 2 month worth of clothes into at the most 2 suitcases. I look forward to reading your blog - and congrats on your two pounds down!!! (I have to go find my nutrisystem food, which is being held hostage at the UPS facility by us)

    Have a good night!