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Sunday, 2 September 2012

Quarter Pounder...

I haven't eaten one, but I've put a quarter of a pound on this week... :0( It's not really a big surprise if I'm totally honest! I've spent most of the week sitting down and not been as vigilant as I should have been with the diet! Eating late at night hasn't helped either!

My sister's wedding is in 8 weeks and I'm still determined to be in the 11's for it! I have 4.4lbs to go, it's not a lot, so I'm giving myself two weeks to get that off... I'm aiming for 8lbs off in September, which will get me to 11st 10lbs. That's the mini goal!

I'm quite proud that I've managed to get so much off that one particular suit I have is now so big, that the trousers are falling down and I can't wear them any more! They are a UK 16 so I think I might squeeze into a 14 now! Tops that were tight on the arms are now loose too, but as predicted, my boobs are disappearing too! I'm not staying fat to keep them though!!!!

Right, I'm off, ready to start again!!

Weeza xx

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