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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Shocking photo moment!!

I was in the office yesterday and one of the girls commented on how much weight I've lost. Now I still don't really see it myself, but she pulled up a photo on Facebook from our work Summer Party two years ago. Then I saw it!!! I was sitting a bit funny as I'd put my back out on the bouncy castle (!) but OMG!! Photo below.... I'm the one in the '1971' T-shirt, bottom right...

Scales this morning show I'm 2st 1.2lbs off where I was then! Now I'm starting to feel proud, motivated and really good about myself! I'm seeing a friend I've not seen since about February on the 18th, I hope to be in the 11's by then!!! :0)

Right, off to work!

Weeza xx

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