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Sunday, 12 May 2013


As predicted, the weigh in today was more than yesterday, but I'm still happy with the 2.6lb loss this week! After last week's big loss, I wasn't expecting the same result again anyway! I've lost 45.6lbs in total now, so I have 4.4lbs for the 50lb star!!! 

I still had 26 weekly PP left at the end of the week and that's a first, ever! Plus I had 22 activity points untouched! I know I can do this now and if I aim for 1.5lbs per week, I can reach goal in 6 weeks, a week ahead of when I wanted to get there! 

Planning for the week ahead really worked last week, plus it meant that if I did have a situation with going over, I had the buffer to allow for it! This week is going to be harder, as I'm going to Madrid on Tuesday and back late Wednesday, so I can't prepare as easily, so I'll just have to be sensible! 

Planning a long walk with Munkee today, as it was hailing last night and we couldn't take him out. A good hour and a half should kick the week off nicely! 

Weeza xx

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