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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Hello again!!

Couldn't be bothered to blog for a while, to busy etc., but I'm back with good news! I cracked the 3st mark on Sunday!! 11st 4lbs, so exactly 3st off, which I'm over joyed with!

I didn't make goal for my holiday, but I did make it to under 11st 7 for it and was comfortably in size 14 clothes! My weights for diving were reduced to 6kg, 2 less than when I last dived! Plus my wetsuit is now way too big, so I'm waiting until I'm at goal, then I'll buy a new one!! I put 3.5lbs on whilst there, but got it off the week after getting home!

I've become a bit more active, walking the dog with David every night I can, now the evenings have drawn out. My customer base has changed too, so I'm now staying in Newmarket once or twice a week. I was staying in a studio apartment, but I'm changing to a hotel, as they have a gym, so I can use the treadmill for an hour the nights I'm away! I've stayed once already, so know the layout etc.!

My food diary has also changed now warmer weather has finally arrived! I'm eating salads every day and I pack everything the night before, so there are no excuses! My alcohol consumption has dropped too, I'm drinking maybe 1-2 units a night, sometimes none, that's a psychological thing as much as a physical one!

So, target is now 10st 7lbs, which I comfortably feel I can reach, after all this time! 10lbs to go and my goal is to get there for our anniversary on the 30th June, 8 weeks away. 1.5lbs a week is realistically doable and with the exercise it can be done!

I'll be back soon! :)

Weeza x

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