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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Quick Update...

Back at work and back on track... ish! I was well prepared and stuck to plan, until I hit 3pm and I was wobbly! I think I had a lack of carbs, anyway, I had a mince pie and a packet of French Fries! Felt better...

I feel fat today though, even knowing that I'm down 5lbs this week, but I'm having a lot of days like that at the moment! My stomach isn't shrinking, well not when I look in the mirror anyhow! Maybe I'm used to my new shape now and think I'm fat again? Maybe it's because I think of how I used to look and where I'm aiming for, that I see that figure which had a flat stomach?! I don't know, but I will be getting to the Pilates studio soon, I HAVE to!! My back needs frontal support!

Right, food prepped for tomorrow and an early night in order!

Weeza xx

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