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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Tuesday - Week 3

Another miracle day!! Bang on the points and I got on the scales this morning and couldn't believe that I'm 2.6lbs off from Sunday's weigh in!! Now if that's not motivation, what is??

I'm away tomorrow, there's my danger point! I'm packed with a sandwich for breakfast, a couple of snacks, my measuring tub with my milk in it and a bottle of my low alcohol wine. I've planned my lunch on a stop at an M&S service station and dinner from a walk to Tesco on West St in Sheffield. I don't care if the lift is still broken either, as I will earn points walking up the stairs!

Right off to bed as I have a early start, going to Telford first then across to Chesterfield, just hope there isn't any floods on route!! :)

Weeza xx

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