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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Tuesday Night Update - Week 2 - Meh!!

Well, it did say in my stars that if I needed to 'let it out' today, then I should! So, I did!

I'm normally the caring & compassionate one, that takes everyone's feelings into account but very rarely I let go, where people are genuinely shocked! Today was one of those days!

I've been feeling this building up for a couple of weeks, mostly because people can be too lame to stand up and hold themselves accountable and I have to mop up the mess... Sigh... Every now and then I'll bring it back into check and people realise that I'm not their safety blanket all of the time... Today I couldn't give a toss if it was the Queen I was letting down!!

You know when it doesn't matter what you do, how many old ladies you help cross the road, how many animals you save from certain death, you know that it would be just your luck that the angels at the pearly gates are having a bad day and decide its you that's going to hell and not the mass murderer standing behind you in the queue... Well I obviously pissed the cosmos off today!!! Well, yesterday too if I'm honest!!

I think one of the problems is I've not had enough downtime this year. I've had the odd days off, but mostly to help out when needed, I've had a lot of stress this year, personally and at work and I've had just a week away since January! We're away in just over 5 weeks, but it can't come soon enough! I need some me, David and Munkee time...

Because I'm low, I let go tonight, I finished the Baileys and a bottle of low alcohol wine! I'd have stayed on track otherwise! Now I'm minus on a Tuesday! Minus 30 PP... Ok, so the Baileys didn't start it well on Sunday, but I've made it 10 times worse tonight, and I'm not sure if I don't care or if I'm pissed off!

I've an early start to drive to Chesterfield tomorrow morning, as I'm fed up with being away, so this is preferable! Back on Thursday night. I'm tracked through and have yoga and Pilates DVDs in my bag, we'll see...

Right, off to bed where I'll shout in my sleep again!! Nite!!

Weeza xx

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