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Sunday, 18 November 2012

Sunday Night Update - Week 2 - How to blow an entire week's allowance....

Drink half a litre of Baileys! When you think a "mouthful" is just a couple of tablespoons at a time, trust me, it's not!!! David just shone a torch at the bottle, as you can't see how much is left and there was only half left... Bitterly ashamed of myself! That's HALF A LITRE GONE!!!

What a moron.... I feel so flaming stupid!! 54 PPs on that! I've done my 26 for the day and 48 of the weekly allowance!!! I've gained a point in walking today, but I've used the whole of my week's allowance!!! Gone!!!

Right, so what do I usually do at this point? I give up for the rest of the week... I have to stay focused, I have to stay bang on track EVERY SINGLE DAY.... Exercise isn't necessarily my redeemer here, cos I can't guarantee that will happen, so it's down to food... I need to ensure I'm filling up on veg and fruit. I have one night away this week, so will find an apartment in Halifax and buy at M&S and Waitrose at the services on the way...

No alcohol, loads of veg & fruit and gallons of water!!!

Right, I'm off!! See you tomorrow!!

Weeza xxx

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