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Saturday, 17 November 2012

Saturday Night Update

Today's my birthday!!!! I've had a lovely lazy day :) We've been out for dinner tonight, but more on that in a minute!!

Started the day well, a turkey rasher, 2 bacon and a Light Choice sausage, plus my milk allowance. Then I was going to have left over casserole for lunch, but pizza was an option, so I had that!! 13PP!! I walked the dog whilst David was out with next door Nick, but he wasn't into it, so we took him out again... I earned 2PP, which is about 3 miles :)

We'd booked Bluebeckers in Chobham for dinner, I've never been before and it was lovely, but I ate waaaaaaaay too much! We had garlic bread whilst we were waiting, two slices of ciabatta each. I had half a baked Camembert with french bread slices for starter and then Cajun chicken burger for main, with chips, sour cream and salsa. There was guacamole as well, but I gave that to David as I'm not a fan! We shared a bottle of wine, but I also ordered a bottle of fizzy water so I could sip that instead of gulping the wine! Still all the bread and a massive slab of cheese, and I overdid it, even though I left the bread from the burger! No more wine though when I got home!

So, I'm ending the week at -91PP, nowhere near as bad as the last two weeks, but still not good! I have no excuses next week, no events and two overnights, both of which will be in apartments! I'm going to pack two suitcases this time, so they are lighter, can't guarantee that the lift will be fixed in Sheffield!

Anyway, see you in the morning for the weigh in!!

Weeza, Aged 41 :) xxx

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