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Sunday, 11 November 2012

Sunday Night Update...

Well, at least I've remembered to do this!! Not too bad today, better than most Sundays! I've used 35PP today, which is my 27 daily and 8 from my weekly allowance. I was on track for 27, but I didn't stop at the 2 glasses of wine, I had a bottle (of 5%) which is the equivalent in volume of 2.5 bottle of lager/coke/etc. I'm 1PP over the weekly allowance, so need to bring that back into check tomorrow! I've planned meals for the next 2 days ahead, as I'm in Leeds for the final event on Tuesday... I will need to stop at M&S tomorrow to stock up!

Right, off to bed, where hopefully I'll fall asleep quickly, as I don't feel tired at the moment! David is down at his mum's tonight as she got the winter vomiting bug! She's 72, so needs looking after when she's this poorly! Hopefully she'll be fine come the morning :)

Night then! Love,
Weeza xxx

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