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Sunday, 28 October 2012

PP's Dropped...!

So, weigh in was 12st dead!! I got a notification that my PP's have changed from 27 to 26, so I'm going to have to be more careful! I have 8 weeks to my holiday, so I'm hoping to continue with a pound a week, which really is a whole lot more sensible & steady. I know I had a few large losses some weeks, but they were generally followed by gains the week after! The table on the Weight Watchers iPhone app shows the weight in +/- lbs per week, so I can see where it's gone right and gone wrong...

So, rethinking meals for this week. 2 nights away and I really need to be strong and stick to plan!! I will need to think hard on the Newcastle trip as I can't buy something from Tesco to take with me!!

My sister's wedding was amazing yesterday, a bit surreal as it was my sister that was up there reciting her vows!! Never thought I'd see one of us actually get married!! Great seeing so many family members and old family friends as well! I drank too much, no surprises there and fell off my skyscraper heels!! Nice bruise on my knee, haha!!

My cousin took a photo of me and my aunt Suzanne, and one of me and her as well, and you can see the weightloss in the photos! I had so many compliments yesterday, that was motivational to continue as well!!

Right, off to plan the week ahead and catch up in Dallas!!!

Weeza xxx

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