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Monday, 15 October 2012

Managed a day on track!

After a relatively successful Friday and Saturday, I put a lot of effort in yesterday, to not go wildly over my PP for the day, and I did it! I used my daily PP and earned 5 PP walking the dog and on the pedometer (which I found, attached to a pair of shorts I haven't worn in months!). I used the earned PP, and one weekly PP, so my weekly allowance is still practically untouched! Historically, I would have used my daily and half my weekly allowance by Sunday night, then it would have gone downhill from there!

I have all of today already tracked, I have 2 PP from my daily PP still to use, so there's a small buffer, but I shouldn't need it! Pedometer will go back on today & I'm going to try to earn at least 1 PP so I can bank it!

Happy days, now just need to stick with it!!!

Report back soon!

Weeza xxx

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